Quilted Cosmetic Bag

 The size of the base and the proportions of the cosmetic bag can be changed, then it will look different
How to Sew a Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 The basis of cosmetic bags - a rectangle with rounded corners. In this example, the aspect ratio is one to two. The base of the cosmetic bag quilted and doused bias binding. Mark the midpoints of the sides to which the zipper will be sewn, in this example the midpoints of the short sides.
 On the zipper, mark the middle. Pin the zipper face to one of the short sides of the base from the side of the lining, aligning the zipper tag with the tag on the base.
 Moving from the middle, pin half of the zipper tape to the base. Tape the loose end of the braid and slightly slide the zipper links inside the base at the end of the work.
 Similarly, pin the second half of the braid.
 Sew the zipper tape to the base with a stitch “back needle”, do not pierce the base through, the line should not be visible from the front side. The seam passes at a distance of about 3 mm from the zipper links.
 Sew the edge of the zipper tape to the base with small stitches over the edge, while tucking the tucked ends of the braid inside.
 Pin and sew the second zipper braid to the second short side of the base in the same way.
 Stepping back from the zipper about 5 mm on both sides of the cosmetic bag, sew open areas. The seams can be made from the front or from the seamy side with a secret seam or small stitches through the edge.
 Form the bottom. To do this, fold and stitch a corner of a cosmetics bag on the wrong side or manually sew a back needle stitch.
 Sew a corner to the side of the cosmetic bag.
 Or cut the corners, departing from the line about 5 mm, and turn over the sections with a bias binding.
 Repeat for the second corner.
 Congratulations, the work is finished!


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