Jewelry Pouch Pattern + Tutorial

 I suggest you sew a cute summer handbag for jewelry.

Jewelry Pouch Pattern + Tutorial

 Cut two circles from the main and lining fabric according to the pattern and connect them with each other
 Put together and stitch along the edge
 In the middle make a cut
 Fold in half and two more times to divide the circle into 8 parts
 Put the finished circle to the larger circle and sew the lines.
 Sew on the strap pattern
 Put inside sintepon or cotton wool
 Sew a button
 Sew a button to the bag
 Sew strap to the circles, as shown in the photo

 Cut out the valve on the pattern. We lay out curly stitching on sinteponte

 We install a fastener magnet

 Stitch again, departing from the extreme line 1 cm
 Thread the ribbon

 To pin and sew the valve

 Cut circles for butterflies

 Sew or glue a butterfly
 Handbag for jewelry - ready)

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