Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial

 The bag is sewn using patchwork technique, from the beginning to the end manually. 

Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial

It may happen that because of the patchwork work seems to be difficult, then I suggest to sew a bag on the pattern, which you will use for lining. If you decorate such a handbag with beads, you will get a very elegant evening bag.

Cotton. Handbag height about 18 cm.
 You will need 5 fabrics for the front part, a fabric for the lining, insulation (synthetic winterizer), a viscose cord for a handle 2 m long, a thin strong cord for loops about a meter long, you may need beads and beads.

  Handbag consists of six identical blocks. For the front part you will need to carve out the details of the following patterns and in such quantity:
No. 1 - 6 pcs.
No. 2 - 6 pcs. + 6 pcs. mirror details
№ 3 - 6 pcs. + 6 pcs. mirror details
№ 4 - 6 pcs. + 6 pcs. mirror details
№5 - 6 pcs.
This is the correct cut out details of the block.

 And this is a complete unit. You can sew it, both on the sewing machine, and manually. Sew 6 such blocks.

 On the third page of the patterns given a pattern for the lining and padding, carve out also six pieces.
 Put the detail from the padding polyester on the table, the detail of the lining face up on it, and the block wears out face down (on the patchwork is called a "sandwich"), sew this design around the perimeter, leaving a small hole on the side for turning.  
Remove the part and sew the hole with a hidden seam. Now is the best time for stitches to connect all three layers of handbags among themselves. The stitch can be both manual and machine. Before stitch, you need to once again sweep all three layers.
We should have 6 such parts, let's call them lobules.

 Now it remains to sew the obtained slices together with a secret seam, carefully combining the patchwork pattern. Sew twice: both on the front of the bag and on the lining, it is necessary both for strength and for accuracy.
 As a result of stitching all the details, a small hole remains at the bottom of the bag, it must be masked. There are options. My fantasy prompted me to sew a flower that I sewed from the same fabrics as the bag itself. You can sew beads.
 On the edge of the bag as follows, sew a thin cord. I recommend doing 16 loops. To disguise the knots from the cord, you can sew a beautiful button at this point, at the same time securing the cord itself.
 Cut the thick viscose cord in half (into two pieces of 1 meter each) and pass both of its parts around the thin cord. Tie the ends of the cords and decorate. Done.

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