Coin Purse Tutorial

Coin Purse Tutorial
 Small Coin Purse with zipper. Free Sewing Tutorial.

Coin Purse Tutorial

Coin Purse Tutorial

 We will need:

Two pieces of fabric of different colors (I took 15 x 20 cm)
The same piece of padding
synthetic fiber or holofiber

Bias binding about 30 cm.
Metal half ring

Fold fabric face to face between them by inserting a zipper

it turns out so
1 layer of synthetic fiber
2 layer cloth
3 zipper
4 layer fabric

Depending on how you put the zipper, it will decide which side will be facing.
 Connect the fabric with a zipper, check.

 Turning the zipper, now it is visible and freely fastened.
Leaving the front of the inside on the wrong side of the bottom stitch. Also I process a cut bias binding.

 Retreat from the corners of 1.2 cm stitch corners.

 Now turn out the purse on the face
 In the upper part we make small tucks (depth optional)
 We sew, we cut off the excess
 From the back side, if desired, we attach a loop with a ringlet and process the cut with an bias binding.

Work at least, and now everything is ready.

Coin Purse Tutorial

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