Denim Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Denim Cosmetic Bag Tutorial
 This tutorial for making cosmetic bags is very simple and accessible even for those who do not have special skills and extensive experience in sewing.

The size of the cosmetic bag is small - 13x15 cm. To make it, we need denim as the main fabric and any cotton fabric. If you use ordinary fabrics, not for patchwork, I recommend to glue them with interfacing.
From prepared fabrics we cut 24 small squares of 4x4 cm in size, taking into account allowances. If necessary, we glue them with interfacing.

We collect and sew squares at their discretion and taste.
We iron the seams, trim the edges and get a blank for the front of the cosmetic bags, 11.5 x 16.5 cm in size.

To the upper part of the blank we sew the prepared denim part from size 4,5x16,5 cm, and to the lower part, detail the size 14,5x16,5 cm

We strengthen the finished part with volumetric interfacing. If you do not use a cosmetic bag as a handbag, then it is quite possible to do without bulk interfacing.

On the front side we do the markings for stitches, stitch diagonally, slightly ironing.
By the size of the workpiece we cut the lining of the bag.
Denim Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

To the upper cuts, first to one, then to another, we pin and sew a zipper.

To prevent the lining of the bag from being fastened into the zipper, we attach it to the seam allowance at a distance of 0.1 cm.
We stitch the side seams of the cosmetic bag and lining with one stitch, leaving a 6-7 cm hole in the lining for turning.
In the side seam of the cosmetic bag I inserted a loop with a ring for a small strap on which you can wear the cosmetic bag as a handbag. We sew corners at the cosmetic bag and at the lining, iron the seams, cut off the excess.

We turn out a cosmetics bag, we sew up an opening at a pad, it is slightly ironed. Enjoying the result! I wish you success!

Denim Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Denim Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

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  1. is there a tutorial for the bigger purse? I would love to make a matching set, but couldn't find the same style purse