Boro Denim Bag Tutorial

Denim Bag Tutorial
 The complexity of sewing is average, such a handbag can also be sewn by a beginning needlewoman.

What do we need? 
Denim fabric (you can use old jeans). 
Grommets and a press for their installation. You can do without installing eyelets, just sew handles bag. 
Thread number 10 or Micron 20s / 2. 
Magnetic button. 
Napkin viscose or other dense substrate. 
Woven interfacing or dense non-woven (adhesive). 

Cut into rectangles of any size from the denim we have. You can use old jeans. 
 Now we take the fabric-based (I took the viscose napkin) for the estimated size of the handbag. We spread our fabric patches as we like, then we fasten them with pins so that we do not run away.
 With pins, it is dangerous to stitch (they strive to stick into the hand), so it is better to fasten our fabric patches with a thread. Next, we select stitches for threads ... No. 1 0 will do. We will have such blanks 2.

 We outline (draw) the first line and proceed to quilting our blank. Well, here we turn on the imagination and write out the stripes as it pleases ...
 We sew even rows with threads of one or several colors. Stitches (preferably) should be the same length. You can only whip one color, and you can alternate 2 or more colors of the thread. We stitch randomly, that is, on the second blank, the pattern does not have to be repeated.

 After we quilted our blank, it must be duplicated (woven interfacing or flizelin will do), this will give it density and durability. Cut a pattern from paper (choose the form yourself, who likes what). Cut out 4 cm deep and 3-4 cm wide. On the blank we draw the middle line (I decided to draw diagonally), apply our pattern to it and draw the outline of the future bag.

 That way. Just draw on the second blank.
 They cut off all the excess, sewed up the tuck of the bag, and that's what we did.

 The front of our handbag is ready. Now you need to prepare the inside of the bag. For the same pattern cut out of the fabric prepared for the lining (two parts). Sew on them pockets.

 Outline where we will install the magnetic buttons and glue another small circle of interfacing to this place (for density). Install the magnetic buttons.

 Now we fold 2 blanks of the bag — external and internal, and we shear them with pins. We cut out a bias binding and flank while only the upper part, so that we get “ears” for eyelets.
 The height of the lugs (where the facing ends) is 6 cm here. We attach eyelets. Draw the inner circle.

 Now, along the line of the circle, it is necessary to flash it (in order to fasten the fabric), since we will cut holes for eyelets.
 Cut the fabric near the stitch, insert the eyelets and fix them with a press.
 Now we fold both sides of the bag, fastening with a magnetic button, and draw circles on the crown eyelets already installed, repeat the installation process of the eyelets on the second part.
 Well, eyelets are installed. We join together 2 parts of the handbag, sew it and then envelop them with an bias binding. Handbag ready.

Denim Bag Tutorial

Boro Denim Bag Tutorial

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