Linen Zipper Bag Tutorial

Linen Zipper Bag Tutorial

Natural linen and cotton cosmetic bag,  linen zipper pouch. DIY tutorial in pictures.

    Cloth motif (choose your favorite motif),
     Plain cloth / canvas fabric (for the inside),
     Yarn and sewing needle (if there is sewing machine all hahaha),
     Charm for detail zipper section.

First of all, create a pattern first to make it easier for you to create this pouch.

Once the pattern is finished, scissors cloth and canvas cloth using the pattern. Then the zipper scissors also adjust the length of the cloth you have cut out. For more details you can check the example above.

Then, take the zipper to attach it to a patterned cloth using a pin.

Next, combine the canvas with the zipper as well as the example above. Do not mix incorrectly the sequence. (cloth motif - zipper - canvas fabric)

After that, fold the fabric with the canvas fabric position on the outside. Do not forget to embrace the zipper with a pin needle to position the zipper and the fabric remains as neat as we want.

Then, it's time we start sewing. Starting from sewing parts zipper and fabric first.

After the zipper finishes in the sewing, go to the right and left sides of the fabric (check the image above). Remember to use a pin needle so that the fabric will be sewed more neatly.

Well, for the detail note the picture above for how to sew this section. Combine the end of the pouch with a needle, then sew.

After all the inside of the pouch in sewing, turn the fabric motif to the exterior as in the example.

To beautify the detail on the zipper, attach the charm like the picture above.

Natural linen and cotton cosmetic bag,  linen zipper pouch. DIY tutorial in pictures.

Natural linen and cotton cosmetic bag,  linen zipper pouch. DIY tutorial in pictures.
Linen Zipper Bag Tutorial

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  1. Thankyou. This is the great tutorial

  2. You should make a video tutorial! I loved the idea but the sewing part it's kinda confusing :(

  3. I really like how thorough you are with your tutorials! You did a great job! Cute bag! Thanks for sharing!

  4. super c'est ce que je cherchais, merci

  5. Does anyone know how to convert this to inches I Google it but the little decimal parts at the end are kind of confusing

  6. Hola me encanto el trabajo quedo prolijo en verdad. Muy lindo, pero no me acomode con el tutorial se me hizo confuso, ojala pudiera ser un videotutorial. voy a intentar a ver como me queda, ojala igual de lindo que este.