Easy Wallet Tutorial

Easy Wallet Sewing Pattern. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.
Easy Wallet Sewing Pattern. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.

You will need:

- cloth for the outside of the holder;
- cloth for the inside of the holder;
- cloth for the edge (maybe the same color as for the inside);
- leather fastener on the button;
- bulk non-woven fabric;
- dublerin.

The size of the ready Holder in the folded form is 10 * 20 cm, in the unfolded form 20 * 20 cm.

Schematic pattern:

For the outer part of the Holder we cut out a square of 20 * 20 cm from a dense fabric, a doublet and a bulk nonwoven.

We compact the fabric first with a dublerin, then with a bulk non-woven fabric. If the doublerine, the non-woven fabric have gone beyond the borders of the square of the fabric, we cut off the excess.

Now it is necessary to sew two details of the fastener from two opposite sides of the Holder.


And a small detail with a button on the other side:

At this point, you need to check that the clasp is sewn symmetrically. And the Holder was conveniently closed. That is, you need to sew not too far and not too close to the edge of the part.Now proceed with the inside details of the Holder. It is made of a single piece of fabric, measuring 20 * 101.5 cm. You can seal the part with non-woven fabric, then the pockets will be better to keep the shape.All the offices for cards and money will be obtained by folding the fabric according to the scheme shown on the sheet of pattern. The solid line is the fold on us, the dotted line is the fold from us. Folds are ironed.In the end, this should be the following detail:

That is, the square 20 * 20 cm refused at the very bottom, lies on the table, and the rest of the folds formed pockets.

We form pockets for credit cards, we sew the part with pockets in the middle. At the beginning and at the end we fix the seam.

Now you need to sew the outer and inner parts of the Holder. To ensure that the inside does not "swim" and the pockets are not moved. Stitch the part around the perimeter with the stitching stitches.

Simultaneously with the sewing of the details, we will sew the bake. Since the part is square, I cut out the side not in a straight line, but in a straight line. The length of the bake is the perimeter of the square of 20 * 20 cm, that is 80 cm + allowance of 10 cm. I like double the bake, so I take the width 5 cm. That is, the size of the bake is 90 * 5 cm

We prepare the work for work. Cut from one end of the triangle at an angle of 45 degrees. Press the fold.

In order to hide the end of the bake at the end, we will sew, as shown in the photo, 4-5 cm from the beginning of the jam.

Then fold the bake in half.

And we will begin the main seam (which will pass along the entire perimeter of the part), from the place where the front part of the fabric begins.

The end must go under the bevel, as in the photo.
Easy Wallet Sewing Pattern. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.

On the inside, the sewn parts will look like this:

From the inside you can sew on the sewing machine, I sewed it with a hidden seam.

Holder is ready!
Easy Wallet Sewing Pattern. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.

Easy Wallet Sewing Pattern. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.
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