Kraft Paper Fabric Wallet

Mens Washable Kraft Paper Wallet handmade. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.
Mens Washable Kraft Paper Wallet handmade. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.

To make a purse, we will need

a piece of kraft paper, measuring 25 * 47 cm
- linearity;
- Scissors, manicure scissors;
- stationery knife;
- clerical clamps;
- 1 punch button or magnetic button;

Let's start with the pattern. The entire wallet is made from 1 whole piece. In theory, if you print it on A4 sheet, then it should be in scale 1: 1. Just in case brought a few control sizes.

We go from left to right.

We transfer the pattern to the craft

Cut with scissors, rounded corners - with the help of manicure scissors.
That's what we should end up with.

Cut out holes for credit cards with a stationery knife.

At the beginning and at the end of the slot, the piercer makes holes, so that the slot does not tear further away from active use.

Now, for this sheet of paper to become a purse, start bending it along the dotted lines that you see on the pattern.
Folds will do in different directions. The dotted line shows the folds from itself.
A dotted line with a dot is a fold on itself.

The photo shows that only 1 fold is done on itself, all the rest are from itself.

Now install the button. If there is no breakout button, you can use magnetic. The buttons are placed on the places marked with a cross with a cross on the pattern.

The photo is closer. Note that these are the outer sides of the button. Inner sides (which are fastened together) - on the other side of the part.

The final stage is the sewing of all this by the accordion.
We go from the narrow end to the wide one. From right to left.

First seam

We combine two oval slits and sew around

The curved upper edge of the purse is sewn to the base

Now, in order for the purse to close and not crumple, we'll form a small recess. Almost all men's wallets have such a cunning.

If we just add the details, it turns out that one side is longer than the other.

you need to combine the edges. We combine and fix the clamps.

And now we sew the last seam, along the entire perimeter of the purse. It remains not only this recess

We cut out the caving irregularities and protruding edges. We fold, and the purse is ready!
Mens Washable Kraft Paper Wallet handmade. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.

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