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Simple Patchwork Cushion Tutorial

 How to Make a Simple Patchwork Pillow Cushion. DIY Tutorial

Three panel Patchwork Cushion. Tutorial

 Make a Simple Patchwork Cushion (suitable for beginners)

How to Make a Rag Quilt

 The blocks of fabric are stitched together with seams to the outside, and these seams forcefully and thoroughly fray. It looks, in my opinion, just great - warm, cozy and in general! :)

Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

 If you cut out the details of the same size as in the tutorial, you will get a pillow with a diameter of 30 cm with a side height of 8 cm.

Stuffed Cat Pillow Tutorial.

Sofa cushion big cat.

Cat Pillow Cushion. Toy Doll Home Sofa Decoration.  DIY tutorial. Необычная подушка в виде кота, инструкция по шитью

Decorative Pillow Fish.

Handmade Fish Cushion.

You can use it both like a cushion or a soft toy for kids. It is adorable isn´t it? Place it on your bed or on the couch and have a smile on your face everytime you see it :)

Decorative Pillow fish. DIY step-by-step tutorial. Подушка в виде рыбы, выкройка и инструкция

Pillow Puff Quilt. Tutorial

Pillow Puff Quilt. Подушка из пуфиков

Patchwork cushion rainbow DIY Tutorial

Patchwork cushion (pillow) rainbow. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Patchwork cushion rainbow ~ Пэчворк подушка

Pillow for pregnant women.

The original idea Pillow for the organization of a dream pregnant.

Pillow for pregnant women. Подушка для беременной.

Petal cushions Tutorial. Patchwork

Petal cushions. Patchwork
These fresh, spring-inspired cushions are a doddle to create using a commercial petal template

How to Sew a Pillow with Flowers. DIY tutorial

Как сшить подушку с розами?
How to sew a pillow and decorate it with roses?