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How to Make a Quillow (Pillow/Quilt)

How to Make a Quillow (Pillow/Quilt)

How to Make a Quillow (blanket/pillow). Free Sewing Tutorial.

DIY Applique Pillowcase

DIY Applique Pillowcase

This pillowcase took me about a day to make but it was a lot of work. It's the first time I tried to applique something - meaning, laying a piece of fabric decoratively on top of the project, and then stitching it on there as an additional layer.

No-Zipper Cushion Cover Easy Tutorial

No-Zipper Cushion Cover Easy Tutorial

The basic cushion case size is about 18 inch x 18 inch laid flat (it's much easier to use a old cushion cover as a template than to use the cushion itself) 

Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

In this post, you’ll learn how to sew the simple patchwork top, quilt it and sew it all up into a removable cover for any bed. You can use this cover over a purchased bed, or make your own insert using stuffing or specialty materials like buckwheat hulls. You could even slip a heating pad into the cover for extra warmth.

Patchwork Pouf PDF Sewing Pattern

Patchwork Pouf PDF Sewing Pattern

Add a burst of color to your room with this crafty pouf! At 17” wide and 10” deep, it’s large enough to serve as floor seating or a foot stool. (And if you have pets, I have a feeling they may want to make this their new favorite spot!)

Simple Patchwork Cushion Tutorial

 How to Make a Simple Patchwork Pillow Cushion. DIY Tutorial

Three panel Patchwork Cushion. Tutorial

 Make a Simple Patchwork Cushion (suitable for beginners)

How to Make a Rag Quilt

 The blocks of fabric are stitched together with seams to the outside, and these seams forcefully and thoroughly fray. It looks, in my opinion, just great - warm, cozy and in general! :)

Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

 If you cut out the details of the same size as in the tutorial, you will get a pillow with a diameter of 30 cm with a side height of 8 cm.

Stuffed Cat Pillow Tutorial.

Sofa cushion big cat.

Cat Pillow Cushion. Toy Doll Home Sofa Decoration.  DIY tutorial. Необычная подушка в виде кота, инструкция по шитью

Decorative Pillow Fish.

Handmade Fish Cushion.

You can use it both like a cushion or a soft toy for kids. It is adorable isn´t it? Place it on your bed or on the couch and have a smile on your face everytime you see it :)

Decorative Pillow fish. DIY step-by-step tutorial. Подушка в виде рыбы, выкройка и инструкция

Pillow Puff Quilt. Tutorial

Pillow Puff Quilt. Подушка из пуфиков

Patchwork cushion rainbow DIY Tutorial

Patchwork cushion (pillow) rainbow. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Patchwork cushion rainbow ~ Пэчворк подушка

Pillow for pregnant women.

The original idea Pillow for the organization of a dream pregnant.

Pillow for pregnant women. Подушка для беременной.

Petal cushions Tutorial. Patchwork

Petal cushions. Patchwork
These fresh, spring-inspired cushions are a doddle to create using a commercial petal template

How to Sew a Pillow with Flowers. DIY tutorial

Как сшить подушку с розами?
How to sew a pillow and decorate it with roses?