How to Make a Rag Quilt

 The blocks of fabric are stitched together with seams to the outside, and these seams forcefully and thoroughly fray. It looks, in my opinion, just great - warm, cozy and in general! :)
How to Make a Rag Quilt

 The pattern on the fabrics is not printed, as it usually happens on the fabrics for patchwork, but woven, so they look so “natural”.

 - Cut the number of squares of fabric you need for the front side (I had 18 ready-made squares measuring 13x13cm);
    - cut the same number of squares of the same size fabric for the lining;
    Cut the same number of squares from your favorite filler (I have a cotton Vlieseline 277) slightly smaller than the size of the main squares after stitching (example: I will sew squares with seams allowances of 1.5 cm, i.e. from 13x13 cm will be 10x10 cm, so I cut out of the filler squares about 9.5-9.8 cm).


On the squares for the front side, draw lines by connecting the corners. Put marks on the lines depending on the planned seam allowances with which you will sew the squares. Please note that the distance from the mark to the side and top-bottom cuts is equal to the seam allowances (I have 1.5 cm), but the distance from the mark to the corner is larger (I have 2 cm). Make no mistake making marks. Important: we will lay all seams strictly from a label to a label!

 Place a square of lining fabric with the wrong side up, and place a square of filler in the center. Cover with a square of the main fabric face up.

 Fasten and stitch along drawn lines. Do this with all the squares.
 Fold two sandwiches with linings (!) To each other, fasten and sew. Do not forget that we sew from label to label!

 First, connect the squares in rows, and then connect the rows with each other.
 When everything is sewn, the fun begins. :) Take sharp scissors and cut the seam allowances with fringe (I have a distance of about 1 cm between the cuts). Be careful not to cut the line! I make cuts, not reaching about 5 mm to the line.

 Now we put it in the washing machine - 30 degrees (as in general, and for any other quilt things) plus spin. In the process of washing and spinning will climb the thread. I was worried about the washing machine, so I put my pillow in a large pillowcase and sewed this pillowcase.
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  1. That was so great, can't wait to try one!

  2. I enjoy making rag quilts. They are so different from traditional quilts. I made a patriotic theme quilt and raffled it off with $$$ going to our military K9s.