We sew a cosmetic bag. DIY Tutorial.

 We sew a cute, comfortable and very roomy accessory - a cosmetic bag made of artificial suede and thick cotton polka dots! By the way, such a nice little thing can be a good gift - it is sewn pretty quickly, and it looks 100% -)

Well, let's get started?

We will need:
fabric cotton motley 24 * 28,
woven interfacing 24 * 28,
artificial suede 22 * 26,
fabric cotton monophonic 22 * 50,
nylon thread in tone base and reinforced in tone lining,
wooden button
 Our sizes of pieces of material are designed for a 20 * 14 * 4 cosmetic bag, but you can make it any size.

First of all, we strengthen the variegated cotton fabric with woven interfacing (we press it to the wrong side of cotton using steam). Do not confuse and do not iron a woven interfacing to the iron itself :-)
Cut a rectangle of the same size as artificial suede (we have 22 * 26). Choosing a wooden button.
An elastic band of 8 cm in length is attached in the middle on the edge of cotton in the form of an eyelet.

At a distance of 7 cm from the edge of the suede we sew a button.

 We connect cotton and suede with the front sides to each other, except the side with the eyelet, and sew with nylon thread (for special strength).
In order for the cosmetic bag to be voluminous, we fold the lower corners of the seam to the seam and outline 4-cm lines. Sew and cut off the excess.

By the same principle, we sew a lining - a bag with corners and do not forget to leave a hole for inversion (6-7 cm).
We put the bag-lining in the bag-base "face to face", we cut off the edges around the perimeter and sew.

Wrench out

sew a hole
neatly press the edges, without touching the suede and gum-loops! Handbag ready!

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