How to sew a bag of squares.

 This tutorial is another interesting way to sew an original and interesting handbag. This bag is sewn from squares with sewn-in buttons.

For work you will need
• 40 cm calico for bag
• 45 pieces of circles with a diameter of 5.5 cm
• 45 buttons or large buttons
• 20 cm of a synthetic winterizer
• 30 cm of lining fabric

Cut 45 squares with a side of 10 cm of cotton fabric. Cut 45 squares with a side of 5 cm from a synthetic winterizer.

smear edges of squares, glue
fasten the fabric with a needle and thread

circle of cloth is gathered on the edge

Thus, we prepare all 45 sets of squares with buttons.
Now, also manually with a needle and thread, we sew the squares so that the stitch runs from the bottom, and the edges are joined evenly. Of course, if someone wants to do this with a sewing machine, the effect will be completely different.

Of course, when stitching should be remembered to give the bag the correct shape. There are 45 squares, so we put together something like a basket with five sides of 3 × 3 squares. Of course, you can make a bag of a different shape, for example, two sides with a size of 3 × 3 squares and two sides and a bottom with a size of 4 × 3 squares. It all depends on the seamstress.

Now it's time to secure the handles of the bag. Here we have two leather belts.

cut two rectangles 31.5 x 24 cm out of fabric for lining the bag.

when folded, measure 15 cm to the bottom of the bag

Now we twist the top edge and attach the fastener magnet.

Then we sew the lining, immediately tucking its edge inward and hiding it in the seam.

The bottom of the bag can be sewn from the same material as the lining. This may be a rigid cardboard box or some flexible piece of plastic.

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