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Elephant Dolls Tutorial and Pattern

Today we wanted to debut our Endearing Elephants Tutorial. This super sweet mother/baby elephant duo makes our hearts swoon with their lovable faces, soft and delicate ears, and bright designs.

Handbag for Little Girls

This tutorial is a helpful time-saver that will enable you to get good at sewing. How To Sew A Cute Little Bag.  Photo Sewing Tutorial. Step by step.

How To Sew A Cute Little Bag.  Photo Sewing Tutorial. Step by step.

Pickup Truck-Basket of fabric

How to sew a fabric Truck. A soft toy for the child or the original basket of fruit. DIY Photo Tutorial

Pickup Truck-Basket of fabric. How to sew Photo Tutorial

Kid-sized Messenger Bag

How To Sew. DIY toddler crossbody bag with free template. Pattern & Photo Tutorial

How To Sew Kid-sized Messenger Bag. Pattern & Photo Tutorial

Soft Toys Cat Tutorials

Crafts Ideas, Toys Cat Tutorials, Toys Fabrics Cat, Sewing Crafts, DIY.
Crafts Ideas, Soft Toys Cat Tutorials, Toys Fabrics Cat, Sewing Crafts.

DIY Pencil Pouch Tutorials with Pattern.

How to make zippered pencil case DIY step-by-step tutorial instructions with Pattern.  Инструкция по шитью пенала для карандашей с выкройкой.
How to make zippered pencil case DIY step-by-step tutorial instructions with Pattern.

Soft Toy Goose. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Stuffed animal goose, Spring Country Primitives, Tilda, Goose toy /  Мягкая игрушка Гусь своими руками. Выкройка и описание шитья.
Textile Duck or Goose from Tilda Easter decor to decorate your spring kitchen or porch or kids room. It is good for Country Cottage style, Primitive or Traditional way you want your place to look. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Cat Pencil Case. DIY tutorial

How to make kitten pencil bag step by step DIY tutorial instructions. Как сделать сумочку-котенка (пенал), инструкции
How to make kitten pencil bag step by step DIY tutorial instructions with pattern.

Tilda Cat Pillow.

Stuffed animal, Cat Pillow,  Kids toys, Kids Travel pillow, Kids pillow toy, Cat Home decor
Кот-путешественник. Мягкая игрушка тильда.

Tilda Cat Pillow. Кот-подушка
 This funny Tilda Cats Toys made in Primitive style can serve as well as a Travel Pillow for kids or grown up with healthy sense of humor, so it would be wonderful present for boys and girls of any age and would be a great accent in decor of the car or a room.

Rabbit Family Tilda.

Rabbit family, cute tilda bunnies, set of tilda rabbits

If you have a little kid, these tilda rabbits become his best friends, and he certainly does not want to leave them for a minute. And the family of rabbits excellent will decorate the nursery, girl's room, or baby shower.

Tilda bunny rabbits, Stuffed animal rabbit, Bunnies family, Tilda toys. Семья кроликов-куклы тильда

Pencil Box Fabric Patchwork. Sewing Craft Ideas

Pencil Box Fabric Patchwork. Сумочка-пенал для карандашей

Carnival masks and costumes for kids

Карнавальные маски и костюмы. Carnival masks and costumes for kids

Carnival masks and costumes for kids

Masks and carnival costumes for children for every taste. We are preparing for the holidays, while there is still time. We collect ideas how to dress up a child.

Pins rabbits from rep ribbons DIY tutorial

Bunny Bows!

I’m soo excited to share my bunny bows with you!  They’re soo springy and cute!  Do you want to make some for your little girls?  Let me show you how!

Accessories for newborns

Accessories for newborns

Aprons for Children.

Aprons for Children.

Hanging cloth storage pockets Kids Room

Hanging cloth storage pockets Kids Room 
How to make a child's room cozy, bright, joyful?

How to teach a child to put his things in order in the room?
  We sew from a fabric amusing pockets in the form of cheerful little men, little animals, toys and we adapt them for storage of things.

Patchwork for children. Schemes, patterns

Quilting. Let's Quilt for Baby

Лоскутное для детей. Пэчворк журнал. Let's Quilt for Baby
Patchwork ideas, patterns, patterns, patterns for children.
A lot of good examples with applique. Bright patchwork blocks, panels, blankets, bedspreads, Sue dolls, bears, bibs ... But what's wrong!

Paper Snowflakes

Снежинки и балеринки из бумаги. Шаблоны для вырезания. 
Snowflakes from paper to decorate the house for the New Year holidays, we cut from childhood.

For you - patterns that can be cut and used to create interior decorations.

Aprons for children

фартуки для детей.  Aprons for children
Aprons are for everyone - both adults and children. I met a lot of all sorts with aprons for moms and dads, grandmothers and even grandfathers. But children's aprons for some reason rarely come across. After all, you always want something interesting and unusual.

Sew for your girls and boys fun aprons with applique. From bright fabrics, using children's stories, pictures, cartoon heroes.

Childrens application - templates and schemas

Детская аппликация в шаблонах и схемах
Favorite application - for children's things. Lovely bears, funny dogs, fish and birds, rabbits and pupae - in templates and schemes.