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DIY MakeUp Bag Tutorial

DIY MakeUp Bag Tutorial
 These bags can be filled also with so many other things. How about sewing applies, knitting and crochet tools, pens and pencils, with doggie treats or it can be even a small handbag or a necessary in a big handbag.

DIY Makeup Bag Pattern & Tutorial

DIY Makeup Bag Pattern & Tutorial

The problem I’ve had with makeup bags, is that it’s almost inevitable that eye shadow, eyeliner or blush ends up staining the bag inside… and your cute makeup bag ends up looking like a piñata of colors and stains inside, and there’s no way to clean that! So with this bag, I decided to make it with a plastic liner to make it very easy to clean with a damp cloth if any accident happens.

Flat Bottom Zippy Pouch. Tutorial + Pattern

 Zipper Pouch Tutorial and Pattern: Flat bottom straight(ish) sides zippy pouch (with a little zipper trick)

Laminated “Just In Case” Bag Tutorial

 Whether you use it for make-up, sewing supplies or packing snacks, this quick-to-make bag is perfect to sew up in colorful laminated cottons. Change up the size depending on your needs and the contents.

How to Make Citrus Pouch. Bag Tutorial

 It is the perfect size for a pencil pouch. Another perfect gift for your creative friends and family. It is also the perfect size for portable sewing supplies or a make-up pouch.

Pencil Case / Makeup Bag / Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 DIY Pencil Case, Makeup Bag - How To Sew Easy Zipper Pouch

Easy Zipper Box Bag Tutorial | Crochet | Sewing, DIY Pouch

 Zipper Box Bag Tutorial | knit and crochet versions

Cosmetic bag with openwork zipper. Tutorial

 In order to sew a cosmetic bag size 22*10*8 cm we need:
- openwork zipper 33 cm (or more)
- two pieces of fabric 33*35 cm, (one - for the top, the second - for lining)
- polyester batting 35*37cm.

How to Sew a Pyramid Pouch

How to sew a pyramid pouch. DIY Sewing Tutorial
 Cosmetic bags can be not only square and rectangular, but also triangular. Like a real pyramid!

The size of the finished cosmetic bag 18 * 18 cm.

How to Sew a Makeup Bag

Free pattern to make and sew an easy cosmetics bag. DIY Tutorial.

We sew a cosmetic bag. DIY Tutorial.

 We sew a cute, comfortable and very roomy accessory - a cosmetic bag made of artificial suede and thick cotton polka dots! By the way, such a nice little thing can be a good gift - it is sewn pretty quickly, and it looks 100% -)

Quilted Cosmetic Bag

 The size of the base and the proportions of the cosmetic bag can be changed, then it will look different

Denim Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Denim Cosmetic Bag Tutorial
 This tutorial for making cosmetic bags is very simple and accessible even for those who do not have special skills and extensive experience in sewing.

How to Sew a Makeup Bag

 For my Makeup Bag, I chose Michael Miller's cotton fabric — designer Tamara Kate, a collection of Quiet time. This is a very nice collection! I was bribed by bright, rich colors and carefree, "girlish" mood. Make-up Bag turned out fun and colorful.

A very simple makeup bag for beginners.

simple makeup bag
 This little zippered pouch is super handy - it's great to use as a coin purse, make-up bag or small clutch. Very simple & beginner friendly.

Zipper Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

 This sewing technique can be used in many projects: The tucks look great on large and small pouches, but also on pillow cases, as part of a patchwork blanket or pot holders.

Sewing Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

 How to make and sew an easy cosmetics bag for your make up and toiletries.

Travel Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Sew a travel bag made of felt
How to sew comfortable and beautiful cosmetic bag-nessesser. Tutorial DIY

Zip Vanity-Bag Tutorial

An Easy Way to Sew a Bright Zip Vanity-Bag
An Easy Way to Sew a Bright Zip Vanity-Bag. DIY Tutorial

Sewing a Cute DIY Vanity-Bag

I want to share with you a useful, in my opinion, DIY vanity-bag
Sewing a Cute DIY Vanity Bag Tutorial