Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

D.I.Y Free Sewing Tutorial : Make your own Cosmetic Bag

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

To get started you will need:
A variety of scraps in your preferred colors!
(2) 10"x14" - Pieces of cotton duck
(2) 10"x14" - Pieces of batting
(2) 7.25"x10" - Pieces of fabric for the lining (I used laminated cotton so it can be cleaned easily)
(1) 8.5" Zipper
(1) 2"x4" piece of fabric for the zipper ends

1. Start by basing the cotton duck and the batting.

2.  Place a scrap on the center of the batting and sew down.

3. As you can see, I used straight lines about 1/4" apart for my project.
And I only sewed over the scrap.

4. Place your next scrap right sides together matching up the edges.  It helps if the scrap you are adding is the same width as the piece you are piecing to.

5. Sew a 1/4" seam down the side. 

6.  Press.

7. Quilt your new piece only!

8. Place your next scrap along the edge of what is already there.  Again, it helps if the piece you are adding is the same width or length of what you are adding it to.  Sew a 1/4" seam down the edge.

9. Press and then quilt that piece only, however you desire.

10. Continue that process until you are finished with two different panels.  

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

Keep in mind you don't have to do just one piece at a time.  If you like, you can do sections at a time.  For instance, I pieced a section before I added it to my panel.

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

11. When your panels are finished, trim them to 7.75"x10".  Then gather your other materials, it's time to assemble your pouch!

12. We will start by preparing your zipper ends.  Press the 2"x4" piece in half lengthwise.

13. Using the crease you made as your guide, press the long edges to the center.

14.  Press in half. 

15. Trim your zipper to 8.5".

16. Cur your zipper ends to make two 2" pieces.  Place one piece around one end of the zipper. 

17. Stitch in place.

18. Trim off excess to make the edges even with the zipper. And complete with the other end of the zipper.

19. Next we will attach the zipper.  Layer one quilted panel right side up, then center the zipper with the zipper facing down!!!  Finally place the lining right side down.  Make sure all of the top edges are even before stitching!

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

20. I usually clip my layers in place before I stitch them together!  I love my wonder clips!  They are the best invention ever!

21. Using your zipper foot, stitch closely to the zipper coils.  It would be similar to a 1/4" seam.

22. Flip the lining around and top stitch.

23. Place the second panel right side facing up. Then place the zipper/panel even with the top edge.  Both quilted panels should be facing each other.

24. Then place the second lining piece face down, even with the top edge.

25. Clip or pin in place.

26. Using a zipper foot stitch like you did in step 21.

27. Flip the lining around and top stitch in place like you did in step 22.  You should now have a large piece that resembles this.

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

Isn't it pretty?  Now you can take a second to admire your beautiful creation.

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

28.  IMPORTANT: Open your zipper half way!!  Next, we are going to make sure that the right sides of the quilted panels are facing each other.  And the right sides of the linings are facing each other.

29. Now you need to stitch a 1/4" seam around the edges of the pouch.  But leave approximately a 4" opening at the bottom of the lining so we will be able to turn our pouch right side out.  It's hard to see my 1/4" seam because the white thread blends in but I promise it's there.

30.  Pull the pouch through the 4" opening you left!  If you didn't open your zipper half way in step 28, you won't be a happy camper during this part.

31.  Keep pulling until it looks like this!

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

32.  Top stitch the opening closed and stuff the lining into the pouch.

And voila your pouch is complete!!

Quilt As You Go Pouch Tutorial

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