Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

The method for this pattern creates a boxy pouch WITHOUT sewing BOXED CORNERS! ...and that's a good thing.

A Zakka Inspired Mini Boxy Box Tutorial

with No Boxed Corners to Sew; Completely Lined with No Open Seams

Approximate Finished Size : 2 3/4 (h) x 2 3/4" (w) x 2 1/2" (depth)

Preparing Materials

  -  Cut outer fabric : One Piece : 10.5" (h) x 7" (w)
  -  Cut interfacing of your choice :  One Piece : 10.5" (h) x 7" (w) {I used Pellon 973F Fusible Fleece; 987F seems to be the preferred choice for fusible fleece based on internet searches}. Iron to the outer fabric following manufacturer's instructions.
  -  Note : Instead of using fusible fleece which is quite bulky for this project, you may also try adding a mid weight interfacing to the lining as well as the outer fabric for more support; as seen in other tutorials.
  -  Cut lining fabric : Two Pieces : 5 3/4" (h) x 7" (w)
  -  Cut strap : Ribbon/Twill/Or Sew Your Own : 12" for a hand strap (in my final attempt, I used a little loop instead of a strap. Either a loop or strap will make it easier to pull the zipper open/close)
    8" or longer zipper (you will be cutting off excess)


Step 1 

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

    Measure 1/2" from the tip of the metal piece on the zipper. 
    Place the zipper down on the outer fabric; lining up the 1/2" mark along the edge of the outer fabric.
    Pin the zipper along the top edge; sew zipper in place.
    Do the same for the other side of the fabric and zipper.
    Place aside to prepare lining.

 Step 2 

Place lining pieces; right sides together and sew along one short edge; leave a 2.5 to 3" gap in the middle for turning the pouch right side out in a later step

Pin lining to zipper:  Move outer fabric over to one side of the zipper. Attach lining to the underside of the zipper as shown in the picture above.

Sew lining to zipper; sewing over the sewing line for outer fabric.  (this is how I attach zippers but use your own favorite method for sewing zippers on pouches)
Repeat for other side of zipper and fabric

Step 3 

Move zipper to center; matching up the outer fabric and lining. 

this is a simple view of this step
Step 4

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

Fold your strap in half and place on the end of the zipper (I found it easier attaching the strap to this end versus the end with the zipper pull). Baste strap in place.

 Step 5

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

In this step, you are doing what I call a valley fold - push the sides in towards the center so that it looks like this :  

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

It is very important that the folds meet in the center.
Repeat this for the other side of the outer fabric and for the lining.
This fold is what creates the boxy look shown here :

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

Step 6

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

Sew the outer fabric and lining together on one end using a 5/8" seam. (I drew a seam line on the fleece to use as a sewing guide)
    Note: Sewing through all the layers is quite a challenge but doable on my machine with a little tugging.
    Caution: This is the step where your sewing needle could hit the metal on the zipper ends and break; please be careful. You may want to sew very slowly nearing the zipper.

BEFORE SEWING the opposite end; please be sure the zipper is partially open for turning the pouch out.

    Trim the ends

Step 7

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

Pull the pouch through the gap in the lining then through the zipper
    Sew gap in lining close

 A final note ~~ I found through one of my many attempts that you can change the shape of the pouch by the valley folds.  If you place the valley folds a bit away from the center, the pouch will be flatter. The flatter shape makes a nice pouch too. 

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

Boxy Pouch Bag Tutorial

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