Omiagi Bags. Rabbit & Owl. DIY Sewing Tutorial

Rabbit bag
These little bags are a great way to practice your sashiko stitching. Just large enough to hold a gift; make them in classic navy, or try small floral fabric for a touch of spring.

Patchwork Quilt 'Transparency' Tutorial

Patchwork Quilt
I prefer to use prints in a project to keep myself interested and so struggle to limit myself to just using solids. I used blenders for some of the lighter ‘transparent’ colours, which kept me happy!

Scrappy Hexi Coasters. Patchwork Tutorial

Scrappy Hexi Coasters. Patchwork
Bright, attractive coasters which are easy to make with English paper piecing.

Petal cushions Tutorial. Patchwork

Petal cushions. Patchwork
These fresh, spring-inspired cushions are a doddle to create using a commercial petal template

Patchwork Quilt Cats. Step-by-step Tutorial

Patchwork Quilt. Step-by-step instructions
Create a feline-themed quilt with Makower’s new Cats fabrics. Step-by-step instructions

Quilt Patchwork *Time Travelling*/ Tutorial

Quilt Patchwork
This quilt started as a challenge – to use some lovely fabric which didn’t seem to lend itself to classic piecing. I’d seen a pattern in Popular Patchwork where single bars of fabric ‘merged’ into the next fabric, so I wanted to develop this idea.

Spring flowers wall hanging. Patchwork Tutorial

Spring flowers wall hanging. Patchwork
Welcome the return of spring and some favourite flowers with this cheerful wall hanging
I enjoy drawing and painting, particularly flowers, and have many designs I’ve drawn but have yet to use, so this small wall hanging was an opportunity to put some little flower designs to good use as applique. Tulips, daffodils and pansies are a welcome sight in my garden in the spring and the sunny colours remind me that winter is over.

Crazy Patchwork Quilt Instructions.Tutorial

Crazy Patchwork Quilt Instructions. Лоскутное одеяло