Sew a simple skirt. DIY tutorial

After this tutorial you will understand that sewing can not even professionals and things turn out to be quite beautiful.
Шьем простую юбку. Sew a simple skirt. DIY tutorials

DIY Renovated old computer chair

Обновляем старый компьютерный стул
Everyone knows that there is nothing eternal, everything comes into disrepair and loses its appearance. So is the furniture in the house, over time it becomes less attractive and untidy. However, do not despair and run to the store, buy something new. I want to offer you a solution and teach you to give old furniture a second chance and a new life.

Прямоугольный плед баварской вязкой. мастер-класс

Красивый прямоугольный плед баварской вязкой
Вы что-нибудь слышали о баварской вязке? Я вот тоже узнала о ней совсем недавно. Оказывается с помощью этой простой техники вязания можно творить очень красивые вещи. Предлагаю сегодня связать интересный геометрический прямоугольный плед.--
Plaid Bavarian knitting

Knit crochet bag. Tutorial

вязаная крючком сумка.  Knit crochet bag
Beautiful bag made of hexagon motifs
  You can make a convenient and original handbag from different materials. Today I invite you to learn how to knit beautiful hexagon motifs from which you can make a cute knitted handbag.

Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

 Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

Original warm skirt from an old knitted scarf

Probably, many girls in the wardrobe had some, once very beloved, but no longer worn, knitted scarf. He warmed you so much that now it’s just a pity to part with him. I offer you an interesting solution to this question - let's sew an original warm skirt from this scarf ?! It is very simple and allows you to give your scarf a second life.

Case for tablet or phone. DIY Tutorial

Original cover for the tablet per hour

What are you wearing your mobile device? Today there are a lot of various mobile storage devices, but I want to offer you a special option - you can make a stylish cover in an hour, with your own hands.

Чехол для планшета. Case for tablet

Openwork women's top tutorial

Today I suggest you sew on your own a cute and cute openwork cotton top.

Openwork women's top tutorial

How to sew a skirt in an hour. Tutorial

Flirty black skirt in an hour
How often, looking into your wardrobe, you do not find what to wear today? This problem is familiar to every girl. The lack of clothing or variety in the wardrobe is easy to fix. Today I want to show you how to quickly and very simply sew a nice and charming skirt that you can wear to a party, a walk or any other occasion.

How to sew a skirt in an hour. Tutorial