Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

 Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

Original warm skirt from an old knitted scarf

Probably, many girls in the wardrobe had some, once very beloved, but no longer worn, knitted scarf. He warmed you so much that now it’s just a pity to part with him. I offer you an interesting solution to this question - let's sew an original warm skirt from this scarf ?! It is very simple and allows you to give your scarf a second life.

Sew skirt old scarf

So what you will need to work:

• Old wide knitted scarf.

• Wide elastic.

• Centimeter.

• Cotton fabric.

• Iron.

• Pins.

• A needle with a thread or a sewing machine.

 Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

To begin with, we need to take measurements from ourselves. We need to know the length of the skirt, which will be optimal for you and the volume of the hips. After that we prepare the scarf for work. If there is a fringe, cut it off and cut a piece of the size we need from the scarf.

 Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

Now we pin the two sides of the scarf with pins to each other and sew on a sewing machine or sew it by hand with a needle and thread. After the seam is made, it is advisable to process the edges.

 Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

Next, bend the edges from the upper and lower sides. Make the bend wide enough. On the one hand we will insert an elastic band, and on the other hand, a wide bend will allow the edge of the skirt not to curl into a tube, as is the case with knitwear. Stitched by.

 Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

Iron the curved and stitched edges on the skirt with an iron. Be sure to put a cotton cloth between the knitwear and the iron. Otherwise, you can damage the thread on the knitwear, and it will not be so beautiful.
Юбка из... старого шарфа

Now we measure the volume of the waist and cut the elastic by this size.

Юбка из старого шарфа. Sew skirt old scarf

We insert the elastic into the skirt and sew the edges. Well, our skirt is ready. Quick and easy, isn't it?

 Sew skirt old scarf tutorial

Such an original skirt will warm you in cold weather. It can be worn in winter, autumn or spring. It will always be comfortable in it, and it will remind you of your favorite scarf.

Юбка из старого шарфа. Sew skirt old scarf
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