DIY Easy Card Holder / Mini Card Wallet

DIY Easy Card Holder / Mini Card Wallet

Free Sewing Tutorial. A practical two-fold wallet with a large banknote slot, 3 card slots, a coin bag and 2 bill slots→ 

DIY Easy Card Holder / Mini Card Wallet

1. Note the size (19×11.5) of the following icon to cut the materials required for the wallet shell→ One layer of fabric and lining, and one layer of supplementary cotton. If the fabric is very thin, it is recommended to cut another piece of adhesive lining of the same size and iron it on the lining.The buckle is to trim the two corners of the rectangle into an arc shape.The piping strip is required to be cut obliquely, with a width of 3.5 cm→

2. The fabric in the picture below is used to make all the bags on the inside of the wallet.A (2nd floor) is a large banknote slot; B and C form the zipper bag and bill slot on the right; D is folded into 3 card slots and one bill slot on the left→

The heights of A, B, C, and D are all the same, all 10.2 cm.Among them, the lengths of B, C, and D should not be as precise as the above mark. It is recommended to cut a little longer, because there will be certain deviations in the process of sewing zippers and folding at the back.For example, the length and size of the icon note on D should add up to 44.2 cm. When cutting, it should be cut to 45 cm or longer. Then fold and iron from left to right on the front of the fabric according to the size of the icon note above. The folding method is one up and one down. After folding, as shown in the figure below, the middle layers are stepped, and the uppermost and bottom edges are aligned.The width after folding should be 8 cm, trim off the length that exceeds this size→

1. First, align the two pieces of fabric A of the large banknote position face inward, as shown in the figure below, and stitch a length of 2.5 cm in the middle of the vertical distance of 0.7 cm from the bottom edge; after the suture is completed, cut a vertical cut on each of the two ends of the suture→

2. Turning to the front is what it looks like in the picture below.The purpose of this is to separate the middle equivalent position of the inner bag and the shell.Similarly, if the fabric is very thin, you should iron a layer of adhesive lining on one of the fabrics before making it→

3. Then make the zipper bag on the right. The method is very simple. It is to fold the fabric B and C in half and sew the zipper on the hemming→

4. Then fold in half along the edge of the zipper, and after folding in half, trim the width to 8 cm wide→

5. Fix the inner pockets on the left and right sides on the left and right sides of the large banknote slot, with a distance of about 2 cm in the middle, and then sew them together in a circle→

6. For piping on the upper edge, first align the piping strip face down with the front edge of the inner bag and fix it, and then sew it with a 0.6cm wide seam→

7. Fold the piping strip to the back→

Fold the edge of the piping strip inward on the back, the width after folding is appropriate to cover the suture, and then use the patch seam method to sew→

The inner bag is finished→

The buckle requires a certain hardness, so it is necessary to add an adhesive lining or other hard lining in the middle.If you use a magnetic buckle, first install half of the magnetic buckle on the inner side of the buckle (together with the lining); then align all the materials in the buckle and sew it in a circle, then fix the piping strip on the front, and then sew it with a width of 0.5 to 0.6 cm. →

Fold the piping bag and sew it with a hand stitch→

1. Then install the other half of the magnetic buckle on the fabric of the shell, together with the auxiliary cotton→

2. Lay the lining cloth on the bottom, add the buttons together in 3 layers, and sew around in a circle→

3. Align the inner bag and the shell first with the two sides, and then align the bottom edge from both sides to the middle to fix the seam, pay attention to the right side of the lining and the buckle on the same side.Careful people may have discovered that the length of the inner bag and the shell is not the same. The length of the shell beyond the inner bag should be left in the middle of the fold. This part of the shell and the inner bag are separated, so that the wallet can fit better after it is folded in half→

4. Trim the 4 corners of the wallet into a circle→

5. Finally, the wallet is piping, first fix the piping strip on the outside of the wallet→

After the piping strips are surrounded in a circle, let the head and tail overlap by 1.4 cm in length, and trim the head and tail neatly in a 45-degree direction. After that, align the front of the two heads with the front, and stitch them together with a width of 0.7 cm. →

Then sew the piping strip and the wallet in a circle with a width of 0.7 cm. After completion, fold the piping strip to the inside of the wallet→

Fold the piping strips on the inside and sew them with a patch seam. The width of the hemming should be appropriate to cover the suture. →

DIY Easy Card Holder / Mini Card Wallet

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