Cylindrical Rainbow Bag - crochet tutorial

Cylindrical Rainbow Bag - crochet tutorial
The advantage of this bag model is its compatibility with a variety of things in your wardrobe. This bag is knitted very quickly from colored wool mixture with crochet columns No. 4-5.

 Cylindrical Rainbow Bag

You will need the remnants of half-wool or another thread (about 100 g), any number of colors. A thick synthetic cord (up to 5 mm) is required to give strength to the bottom and handles. Then you need a bright colored synthetic cord to tie the neck of the bag. Ties of the bag can be equipped with interesting stops, and not tied to a bow. In this case, two stops are necessary, since both ends cannot always be inserted into the stop.

Completing of the work

If you knit, you probably have a lot of leftover wool. Thus, you can knit an interesting bag that will suit many things. One of the most elegant color combinations is the principle of the rainbow - the combination in one product of raspberry, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and blue.

Modern fashion trends suggest additional accessories to this model. If you have a long scarf of the same color, charming socks or gloves - all this will go into action and will add charm to even the most ordinary denim set. (In this case, the socks should be shown from under the trousers from time to time).

Knitting begins with five air loops that you close in a circle. Then knit in a spiral in the same way as the previous model, arbitrarily changing the colors of the threads. You can create an interesting pattern by unevenly alternating colors. But even uniform stripes of the same width look very nice.

Cylindrical Rainbow Bag - crochet tutorial

The figure shows how the round bottom of the bag fits. It is clearly seen how one color of the threads goes into another. If you notice that the bottom is already large enough, the last color stripes can be made narrower.

Having finished knitting the bottom, proceed to knitting the walls of the bag. This is done in the same way as in the previous model. This time, a thicker bag is made from half-wool. Therefore, it is convenient to knit in single crochet without using a pattern. Thus, knitting will imitate the fabric and you will not need a lining.

The cord fixing the bottom can be inserted when the walls of the bag are tied 5-7 cm. Measure the length of the cord so that it fits freely along the bottom edge. If you are confident in your measurement, then cut the cord and lay it on the bottom of the bag close to the walls. Grab the cord from the front of the bag and squeeze it between the bottom and the sides of the bag. The knitted fabric should cover the cord from the outside, while the cord itself remains inside.
Cylindrical Rainbow Bag - crochet tutorial

Take a knitting needle with colored thread to the tone of the strip that is adjacent to the cord. Holding the cord with your hand, begin to sew the knitted fabric of the wall with the bottom so that the cord is fixed between them. Thus, an interesting decorative roller will pass along the edge of the bottom of the bag, and the bottom itself will gain a constant volume.

Knit the bag to the top. To insert the tie-cord at the neck, begin to knit openwork from the holes. You can only make one hole per 2-3 cm of dense canvas. At the end of knitting, insert the cord at the neck, insert into the stopper or tie a bow. Tie or sew on the handle.
Цилиндрическая радужная сумка

An interesting decorative effect is provided by satin ribbons with a width of 5 mm, which can be inserted into a knitted fabric. If you want to achieve this effect, 1-2 rows near the bottom of the bag you need to knit in columns with one crochet. There is a hole between the posts into which satin ribbons of a suitable color can be inserted, as shown in the figure.
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