How to decorate a bag

How to decorate a bag

Crochet motifs and jewelry for bags

Bags made up of knitted motifs (finished fragments) look very elegant.

You can knit motifs with one thread, knit several motifs in the same pattern with different thread colors, or change the color of the thread in each circular row. In any case, you have a huge field for creativity, and your work will always look great.

How to decorate a bag

You can make a bag entirely from motifs sewn together. Another option is to make up the motifs of the upper (lower or middle) part of a flat or cylindrical bag, and knit the other part in columns with a crochet or without a crochet, as in previous models. It is also convenient to motivate to finish blazers, tops and jumpers knitted on knitting needles.

With this method of knitting, first knit several motifs and see how many of them form the desired width and length of the bag. Only then proceed with sewing the lining.

Any knitted handbag can be decorated with knitted flowers, leaves, butterflies and other elements. If you want to make an inconspicuous but elegant handbag, knit it with a simple net or sirloin knit, put on a lining. Then tie the decorative elements with a thread of the same color. Sew the items gently over the net. Colored elements sewn over a plain bag also look beautiful. In the kit for the bag, you can knit a fashionable hat and decorate it with the same elements.

In a word, there is no limit to fantasy!

Weaving accessories and handles for cord bags
How to decorate a bag

You can use colored cords to weave bag handles, backpack straps, all kinds of pendants and jewelry on the valve or the front wall of the bag, as well as belts and interesting jewelry on the neck. All this can easily be done from colored synthetic or natural cords.
How to decorate a bag
First of all, to weave a belt 150 cm long, it will take about 2.5-3 m of a cord of each color. If you were involved in macramé, then you are familiar with calculating the length of the cord for various weaves. But even an ordinary pigtail is a wonderful decorative element. In just 20-30 minutes you can easily weave yourself an interesting accessory.

In order not to get entangled in long cords (for the simplest weaving - braids - there will be three of them), you need to tie the ends with a simple knot and tie it to the support. Anything can be a support - a sofa, a back of a chair, a floor lamp. If you have pets, especially playful cats, you need to retire to weave.

Of course, you can weave three matched colors into a simple braid. However, the braid itself does not look interesting enough. You can put all three cords together and tie knots every 10-15 cm, as shown in the figure, trying to prevent the cords from twisting and lying neatly - then the knot will itself be a decor.

After the knots, start weaving the braid. Make sure that the braid is not pulled down and does not fall apart. It should be free weaving of cords so that the beauty of color and texture is visible. After the pigtails, tie a neat little knot again. To keep all the cords in the knot nicely, straighten them in the palm of your hand before tying it.

Alternate knotted knots, sections of loose cord and sections woven with a braid. It is not necessary to measure and plan these sites. If you are weaving a handle for a bag or a strap for a backpack, occasionally check the length of the weave to precisely fit the desired size, but a belt or jewelry on the neck can be of arbitrary length.
How to decorate a bag

Cord weaving - with wooden beads

Weaving with beads has an exotic and original appearance, and it is very simple. For its implementation, you can purchase a bag with a set of wooden beads. Glass decorations for curtains are also suitable, but they are more fragile. Wooden beads and shell pads are the most suitable materials. The main thing is that the hole in them is sufficient for passing one cord.
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