Bag with round handles tutorial

Bag with round handles

This summer bag is knitted of stiff twine for weaving eight different colors. The twine gives a light, free knitting shape, but the bag is very openwork and therefore needs a lining and an additional frame, which is created by lightning and rigid handles. Decorative loops (fringe) are easy to make with a hook.

Bag with round handles

For work you will need: 50 g of twine or cotton threads of different colors. If you have tangles or residues less than 50 g, do the stripes already, or add an extra strip of the color that you have in excess.

Handles at the bag can be any. In this case, a frame made of a flexible plastic cord was used, which was tightly tied with crochets.

Operating procedure

Sew a regular flat bag of the specified size from the lining fabric. Then the zipper is opened and the details of the sides of the bag on the sides and bottom are sewn. After the zipper has been sewn in, the details of the sides are sewn together without turning inside out. All external seams will be securely covered with knitting.

Having finished sewing the lining, proceed to knitting. Knit two details of the sides of the bag according to the size of the lining. This flat bag has no bottom, so start with a chain of air loops, then knit with double crochets. Knitting should be loose, as the outer knitted part is the decor.

To create elegant decorative loops, you will need a ruler or a cardboard blank, the width of which you will measure the loops. You can also use the fingers of your left hand (for right-handers), pulling the working thread at the same distance.

Bag with round handles

Knitting stitches: Knit single crochet in the usual way on the front side of the fabric. On the wrong side of the loop is pulled.

1. Lay the working thread around the index finger, insert the hook on both walls of the loop of the lower row, grab the working thread behind the finger and pull out the loop.

2. Crochet the hanging working thread and pull through both loops on the hook, but do not pull the loop. An elongated loop hangs on the front of the knit.

Decorative loops fit through a row. Since there is a lining, you can knit with each color of thread two rows of columns with one or two crochets (of your choice), then a row of single crochet columns with elongated loops. Then change the color of the thread and again knit two rows of columns with one or two crochets.

When you reach the edge of the lining, knit the transition to the handles of the bag. Insert the lining, sew the knitted part of the bag with hidden stitches.
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