Crochet and embroidery

Can I embroider a canvas on a crocheted crochet? still as it is possible! And at the same time to tie beautiful potholders for the kitchen! Here's how beautifully it is possible to combine these two kinds of needlework.))

bear-bag for girls

Such an original cosmetic bag was invented - in the form of a bear's head! how to make such a cosmetic bag? here - for you a photo and a pattern.

Many wallets, business card holders from beautiful fabrics

Ideas for needlewomen. A few simple and useful things. Some options are suitable even for small, and very fashionable now, clutches. Pleasant viewing and inspiration!

Hair ornaments

Украшения из ткани, для волос

Ornaments made of hair cloth - do yourself

Ideas for decorating windows with curtains

идеи для украшения окна  на кухне

How to decorate your kitchen? Of course, curtains! Change the curtains on the windows, and your kitchen interior will change!

Bag Crazy Patchwork

Крейзи-печворк, шьем из лоскутков
Crazy-patchwork - beautiful needlework! The most important thing is that it allows the use of all sorts of cloth scraps, literally ... junk. Adding beads, embroidery - and before us ... A masterpiece of needlework!

Money bouquet DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Frames made of fabric for a photo

Рамки из ткани для фото, для выключателей
Frames for the switch! What can be made of felt? Creative hand-made articles, frames for switches, little people, toys and lots of other ideas. Not only from felt, but also from bright shreds of fabrics.

And you can create frames for photos ....!