The painting in the frame with a flower made of cloth.

Let's decorate our house!
Today we will learn to make a wonderful textile decor. And when you make it, you do not have to spend a lot of money. The basis will also come down to the fact that you have been at home for a long time ...

And now we look at the step-by-step instructions. To begin with, we find several frames of a suitable size

We paint in any way, The simplest is a matte paint spray.

Cut out the back of a piece of cardboard and cover it with a cloth

The fabric should be carefully fixed using a super glue or a hot gun

If everything is done neatly, then it should look something like this.

Already beauty, right?

Now the most interesting is that we start making flowers. They need a thick fabric that does not crumble and keeps the shape well. If this is not at hand, then for better preservation of the shape of the flower, the fabric can be starched or impregnated with gelatin.

All is ready? We take the first flower

A rather long strip of fabric is required for a rose, which must be folded in half.

And now we roll rolls ...

We arrange our spiral more freely and when we achieve a satisfactory result, we fix the fabric with glue.

And the final touch ... the leaves.

Fold them along in half and glue the bases.

Now it remains to determine which side of our roses our leaves will look best.

Well, the last flower ... For him, you can take a softer drapery cloth. Cut out a long ribbon and fold it into a bundle.

Start fixing a drop of glue. The center of the flower is formed from the node. The free end is slightly twisted.
Do not forget to strengthen the coils of the fabric with glue.
We continue to arbitrarily twist and glue the fabric.

It remains to find a suitable place for our work. The tip of the fabric is folded and glued inwards. For better fixing of the structure, it is possible to glue the bottom and everything is ready

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