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Tilda Cat Pillow.

Stuffed animal, Cat Pillow,  Kids toys, Kids Travel pillow, Kids pillow toy, Cat Home decor

Tilda Cat Pillow. Кот-подушка
 This funny Tilda Cats Toys made in Primitive style can serve as well as a Travel Pillow for kids or grown up with healthy sense of humor, so it would be wonderful present for boys and girls of any age and would be a great accent in decor of the car or a room.

Rabbit Family Tilda.

Rabbit family, cute tilda bunnies, set of tilda rabbits

If you have a little kid, these tilda rabbits become his best friends, and he certainly does not want to leave them for a minute. And the family of rabbits excellent will decorate the nursery, girl's room, or baby shower.

Tilda bunny rabbits, Stuffed animal rabbit, Bunnies family, Tilda toys. Семья кроликов-куклы тильда

Elephantastic! How to Sew an Elephant? Tutorial

How to make the elephants
Once you get the hang of it, these elephants are super-easy to create and make the most amazing home decoration!

Seahorse Pattern and Tutorial

 Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

 This seahorse plush is such a fun project. There are 2 versions of this pattern.  The first one is the original Seahorse… it has longer curly tail which is extremely difficult to turn if you don't have a loop turner!  And the version 2, a stubbier and shorter tail, which should be easier to turn. Enjoy sewing!

Sperm Whale Tilda Tutorial and Pattern

Sperm Whale Tilda Tutorial and Pattern
Well, how not to sew a sperm whale for a lover of the underwater world?! Such a simple and perfect pattern!