Sperm Whale Tilda Tutorial and Pattern

Sperm Whale Tilda Tutorial and Pattern
Well, how not to sew a sperm whale for a lover of the underwater world?! Such a simple and perfect pattern!

The process of sewing a sperm whale.

How to do it

Please note that the templates for the two larger whales have been divided into two parts for reasons of space. Assemble the individual parts at points A and B.
The little whale is sewn a little differently than the two larger whales.
Fold the fabric right to right and draw the body and fins of the desired size on the fabric according to the template.
Sew the fabric together along the contours except for a turning opening (see template). Cut out all parts. Cut small wedges in the seam allowance at the curves.
Turn and iron all parts. First fold the seam allowance on the fins inwards.
Draw the seam lines for the mouth and fins on the fabric and topstitch.
Stuff all parts of the body firmly with cotton wool, starting with the fins and lower jaw. Use a thin wooden stick for this (see Fig. A).
Sew the turning openings by hand. The fins should be sewn on so that the whale can stand with them.
To do this, pin the fins with pins before sewing on until the position is correct.
The eyes of the whales are about 7 mm in diameter and are printed with black fabric ink. Take, for example, a pin with a large glass head, a blunt pencil or
a brush handle. Alternatively, you can stick a small pearl on a toothpick or dab the eye with a fine brush.
Tip: If the body looks a bit too round, you can easily flatten it using the iron.

Little whale
With the small whale, the seams for the lower jaw and on the
Fins only sewn on by hand after stuffing, otherwise stuffing would be extremely difficult.
Sew the whale like the larger whales, but without the seams described.
Stuff with cotton wool and iron flat. Draw the decorative seams with the fabric marker and sew by hand, tightening each stitch well (see Fig. B).
When the lower jaw is finished, stuff the body a little if desired.
Print the eyes with the Tilda eye stamp or a small pin.

Whale Mobile
You will need a piece of driftwood, rustic string, a few shells and starfish, and a few small whales.
Drill two holes in the driftwood for the hanging cord.
The cords with the decorations are made with hot glue on the
Back of the piece of wood attached.
Sew the whales and crochet circles on the cords, attach shells and other decorations with hot glue. Make sure that the individual elements are not too heavy.

Sperm Whale Tilda Tutorial and Pattern

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  1. How did you go about attaching the fins?

  2. Kjekt og fint prosjekt, men halefinnen til Hvaler er vannrett og ikke loddtett :)