Seahorse Pattern and Tutorial

 Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

 This seahorse plush is such a fun project. There are 2 versions of this pattern.  The first one is the original Seahorse… it has longer curly tail which is extremely difficult to turn if you don't have a loop turner!  And the version 2, a stubbier and shorter tail, which should be easier to turn. Enjoy sewing!

Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

DOWNLOAD Seahorse Version Pattern 1.0

DOWNLOAD Seahorse Version Pattern 2.0

What you will need:
Body: 2 x (11.5”x16.5”) of material
Fin: 2 x (5”x6”) of material and
       1 x (5”x6”) of batting/wadding/stabilizer
Eyes: White and Black felt/jersey fabric
Filling: Polyester doll filling

1. Cut out all of your pattern pieces on the solid line, which already include 0.375” seam allowance (except for felt eyes), then trace the patterns onto folded fabrics, with right sides together.  After you trace the outline which include the seam allowance, trace the dashed lines on the pattern pieces into one side of the wrong side of the fabric, including all the marks for openings using tracing carbon/paper

2. Notice how I didn’t cut out the tail to detail, since we will just be cutting the tail later on.  After you cut and trace everything, sew the fin together, with the 1st two layers of right sides fabrics together and the 3rd layer is the batting

3. Clip the curved edges and trim the sharp edges to make it neater when you turn the fin inside out.

4. “Quilt” the little fin however pattern you want :).  I started from the outer line on the left side and go all around and started making spikes.

5. Then, cut the 2 eyes and stitch them on the right sides of the body.  I glued them first using fabric glue then started the blanket stitch all around the white rounds.

6.  The black rounds are sewn after the white ones are sewn, using the eye stitch diagram on the pattern

7. Now, sandwich the fin between the 2 right sides of the body fabrics together and start sewing from the top of the fin, at the bottom of the filling opening.

8. Once you’ve sewn all around, cut the tail to its shape and reduce the bulk and clip the edges and rounds.

9. This is the most difficult part...the part where you are turning the whole thing inside out.  It’s difficult because the tail part is so small and long!  I was able to do it because I used a loop turner I bought from Japan by Cotton Boll, which by the way is a marvelous thing!  That’s why, I’ve made a second version of the pattern, with a shorter and fatter tail :).  Even after using the loop turner, I ripped a bit of the edge of the tail which was easily sewn back in.

10.The last part of this is to fill all the polyester fills you could into the seahorse and stitch close the opening while adding little by little of the
filling until you fully stitched the back of the seahorse.  For the tail, since I couldn’t go that far, I used this thick plastic thread which I installed with the help of none other than my beautiful loop turner :).  But I think you can easily do this by inserting it first to the tail before you inserted the filling.

11.Have fun stitching!

Seahorse FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

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