Pig Pattern & Tutorial


Pig Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial
Pig on wheels is a Hand Sewing for Fun project which means  
1. you don’t need a sewing machine,
2. that all you need to know is this handy dandy whipstitch below and 3. it’ll be fun!
A simple overcast stitch that starts with a knot hidden between the layers, continues with small evenly spaced stitches pulled over and through both sides of the fabric and ends with the last stitch being sewn back to the middle and knotted off.

materials needed:
 wool felt (see sizes of pattern pieces for amounts needed), embroidery floss to match or complement your felt, stuffing, 2
tiny buttons for eyes (or you can embroider them), a 5" x 7" piece of
fabric, a 5" x 7" piece of batting, a 2" x 3" mint tin (i used the big tic tacs), 4 buttons for wheels and floss or string for the toy pull and hanging cord.


SAFETY: Toys with small parts that can be chewed off should not be given to children under 3.
For children under 3, please embroider eyes rather than using buttons.

Lining up feet, sew one side of underbelly (B) to one of sides (A).

Sew other side of underbelly (B) to other side (A).


With inside of underbelly (B) facing you, sew half of  short end of gusset (C) to first half of “V” opening at front of underbelly.

Bend “V” of underbelly (B) straight and sew other half of short end of gusset (C) in place. 

Sew sides of gusset (C) to body sides (A) leaving a 2" gap open on one of the sides for stuffing.

Sew back end of gusset to back end of underbelly by straightening the “V” same as you did for the front.

Stuff and sew opening shut. Sew ears and eyes in place using photo as guide.

Hand quilt the fabric to the batting. I used a simple diagonal line pattern. Then wrap the quilted fabric around the mint tin like you would wrapping paper around a present and sew in place. Be sure to turn under unfinished edges. Now you can sew the pig to the platform using enough hidden stitches to make it sturdy. Finish up by stringing through some floss or thin ribbon on the top for a hanging cord and some string or ribbon on the front of the platform for the tie. I made a braided pull cord by sewing 3 long pieces of string through halfway and braiding them.

Pig Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial

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