How to DIY Leather Accordion Wallet

 How to make a leather purse?  You can reuse an old leather jacket from the back of your coat closet new life by making it this way. We suggest to use thin or soft leather for this project which is easier to fold and stitch through.

  Supplies you may need:

    Needle and nylon thread
    craft knife
    Glue for leather (you can try this Gorilla Super Glue)
    NO-SEW replacement buttons

 Cut out from skin 3 details.

On part A, attach the other two as shown. Now we begin to sew our wallet.
 Sew the part In, making the seam along the dotted line. Then sew part C to the edge of part A.

Install the buttons on the front side of the future wallet and on both valves.

Now bend the wallet blank along the fold lines and make the necessary seams.

Sew a small leather ribbon to make your wallet comfortable to hold.

That's another pattern of the wallet size


  1. Love it. Thank you for sharing!
    Hugs from Brazil.

  2. Lindas! Obrigada por tudo! Sucesso sempre! Felicidades! 1 abraço

  3. looks nice. thank you. are the patterns for use? may sound dumb but i don't get it how to print it. i tried but the sizes don't match with 13/27cm. I would like to print it out in the right sizes for sewing. could you help me and explain?

    1. I understand what you mean, I can't do it either, unless we try setting our printers to 190%?