Japanese Knot Bag Tutorial

Japanese Knot Bag Tutorial
 The bag is a bag with two different-sized handles: a smaller handle, it is a loop in which a long handle is inserted and voila! we have a walking bag.

Pattern made from an A4 sheet. Measure 5.5 cm on the handle, and 15.5 cm to the armhole of the bag. Draw a curve. 1 part of the pattern is ready.

Now you need to calculate the round bottom of the bag.
The length of the circle we know is the width of the sheet A4x2, that is 42 cm. Calculate the diameter, we get 13.3 cm, the bottom pattern is ready.

Then mark and cut out the details of the bag from the fabric. I chose dark blue cotton, as the main striped cotton fabric for the lining. The bag can be double-sided. Attention! When cutting out the bottom of the bag seam, not doing that! Otherwise, do not coincide.

Then I print on fabric with homemade stamps images of kittens. Use acrylic fabric paint Decola. After drying, I fix the picture with a hot iron.

So, the fabric is ready, proceed to sewing. On the line of the armhole determine the line where the handles begin. Make the appropriate incision in the long handle. Sew the side line on the front fabric and lining.

Then sew the bottom of the bag on the main fabric and lining.

Sew. It turned out 2 details, put them in each other's faces.

Sew the armhole and seams at the handles of the bag. Top seam sew the handles only loop handle, and she's leaving unsewn outer seam, and wrenched the bag. More needs to be done with scissors the notches in the armhole so that when the eversion seam "is not pulled". Here's what happened:

Now it remains only to manually sew a hidden seam two seams — connect a long handle and sew the outer seam of the handle-loop through which we turned the bag.

Pin, stitch, straighten, iron.

We pass a long handle in the handle-loop and carry the bag on your wrist.

Japanese Knot Bag Tutorial

Japanese Knot Bag Tutorial

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