Denim Clutch Tutorial

Stylish denim clutch in the shape of a wing will contain everything you need.
Due to the strength and durability of denim, clutch can be easily erased and take its original form.

For work will need:

tools and equipment:

    sewing machine;
    safety pin;


    denim (small pieces);
    any pillow filler;
    fabric for the inner part of the clutch;
    zipper and slider to it.

Sewing a handbag/clutch can be divided into 3 stages:

1. Sewing the front of the handbag.

2. Sewing the zipper into the bag.

3. The Assembly of the bags.

So, let's start :)

 Of the smaller pieces of denim cut into the feathers of the wing of the future. Depending on the size of the clutch, the number of feathers will change. The clutch itself is ready for the required size. In my case, I measured my hand so that I could safely place my hand in the bag and find everything I needed.

We will need such details:

- front panel — 2 PCs. (cut out in the shape of the wing);

- fabric for the reverse of the purse — 2. (copy of the front canvas);

- side - rectangle 5 cm wide and the required length (to be measured at the edge of the future wing) — 1 of jeans and 1 of fabric for the inside of the handbag;

- bias binding along the length of the sidewall with a width of 3.5 cm — 2 pieces of fabric for the inside of the bag.

1. Design of the front part of the handbag:

On the front part of the wing impose the lower edge of the feathers. I got three feathers. We stitch them leaving room for padding polyester batting. This is necessary to add volume to the feathers.

Gently with wooden sticks or blunt side of the pencil lightly fill the feathers with polyester batting.

Feathers should be not very voluminous, so as not to spoil the facial canvas.

Lay the next row of feathers overlapping the previous edge by about 1/3. Repeat operations: stitched and filled with polyester batting.

In my case, the wing is small, so three rows of feathers is enough. The last row of feathers do with rounding on all sides and sew in two steps: first, leave room for stuffing, then fill with padding polyester batting and re-stitch closing the remaining hole.

The next stage of work: decoration of feathers. I did it by putting a stylized stitch in the center of the feathers.

This is what the front of the clutch looks like.

I have a zipper slider with a hole on which I placed another feather. To do this, I took a rectangle with rounded edges and folded it in three in the middle stitched. There will be a zipper ring.

Then, when folded, sew the edges of the feather retreating from the edge by 0.5 cm. Before completion, leave a small hole, fill with padding polyester and add a decorative stitch.

For the preparation of the lateral part of publishing materials face inside: fabric lining-zipper-denim.
Sew on the edge of the zipper, bend the parts and re-sew.

Here is such a detail should turn out in the end: on the one hand — a feather, on the other a rectangular strip.

Connect the prepared front part with the side.

The feather remains free until the full connection of the side with the front of the bag. After that, cut off the excess sidewall, sew overlap. And on the reverse side of the neatly hidden seam hem the wrong fabric.

On the front side add a decorative stitch on the feather.

For convenience, the front and inner parts of the bag should be connected at the edges.

In order not to get a skew of the fabric, the details of the bag are chipped with safety pins, and then sew on the sewing machine.

Edge of the wing from the inside out a stitched bias binding.

These wings got me!


And front side :)

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