Cosmetic bag with openwork zipper. Tutorial

Cosmetic bag with openwork zipper. Tutorial
 In order to sew a cosmetic bag size 22*10*8 cm we need:
- openwork zipper 33 cm (or more)
- two pieces of fabric 33*35 cm, (one - for the top, the second - for lining)
- polyester batting 35*37cm.

In order to keep the bag shape, it needs to be quilted with polyester batting or other seal.
Pre-mark the wax fine mesh for screed. I choose a simpler pattern - squares at an angle of 45 degrees at a distance of 2 inches from each other.

Put the top on the polyester batting and quilted fabric with polyester batting.

Excess polyester batting cut and align quilted fabric to the size of 33*35 cm. Iron. At this stage, you can sew lace, braid or other decor.

Fold the top and lining the front sides to each other. And lay a line on both short sides (33cm)

The resulting "pipe" inverted to the wrong side was inside. Gently and evenly iron the seams.

Now start sewing openwork zipper. Open it and apply the underside to the face of the cosmetic bag so that the stitched edge coincides with the middle of the zipper (teeth). Cleave pins and sew on the sewing machine

Turn over and check how the zipper is sewn.

Fastened with a zipper, combine the edges of the bags, clipped the tip of the zipper with a pin, undo the zipper and laid a line of "seam to seam".

The result is a pipe like this.

Fasten the zipper to the end and turn the resulting design lining out. Fold the bag in half along the zipper and plan the middle. Combine the zipper with the middle (I have 8 cm).

Bend the sides to the middle.

Now we need to do two "tail-label." To do this, cut out of the facial tissue two rectangles 6*4cm.

The resulting "tails" bags enclose under the ends of the zipper on both sides.

Stitch both sides.

Turn out the finished cosmetic bag, straighten the corners

Cosmetic bag with openwork zipper. Tutorial

Now you need to process the internal open sections of the cosmetic bag. To do this, cut out of the lining fabric two rectangles 14*4cm and sew them to the slices. Sew "a seam in a seam".

 Turn the cosmetic bag on the front side.

Cosmetic bag with openwork zipper. Tutorial

Cosmetic bag with openwork zipper. Tutorial

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  1. Excellent construction method -- you demonstrated a new technique for sewing on those end tabs as well. Thanks for sharing & for great photos.