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How to make a storage round box

 I love all sorts of jewelry boxes and storage boxes, but I have long wanted to make round different sizes and finally got my hands on it.

For work, I used:

     Binding cardboard 1.5 mm thick;
     jute splits;
     glue stick on fabric;
     synthetic winterizer;
     cutting mat;
     metal fittings;
     scotch tape, clips, stationery knife, scissors, centimeter, tape with an elastic band.

We cut out a 54 * 10 cm rectangle from a binding cardboard.

Using a spray bottle, wet it from both sides, let it sit for a while so that it coagulates better.
We fold and fasten with adhesive tape and clips, leave to dry.
Junction stick together stripe paper
We measure the inner diameter of the bottom, turned out to be 16.7 cm.
Using a dividers draw the bottom.
Cut the connecting strips with a total length of 54 cm, width 2 cm. In the middle of the bigey and cut out the triangles to get these teeth.
Glue our bottom to the base of the box.
We cut out a rectangle of 56 * 15 cm from burlap.
We sew and smooth the seam, departing from the edge of 1 cm.
First glue the burlap along the edge of the bottom on the glue
Then on the upper edge of the box glue the burlap.
Now we measure the girth of our bottom of the box to carve out the lid. I got 55 cm. I add 1.7 cm to this length, a total of 56.7 cm. We cut a 56.7 * 3 cm rectangle out of the binding cardboard, wet it and fix it as we did with the base of the box.
Measure the diameter of the bottom, turned out 16.5 cm.
Draw a circle, then cut, do along the edge of the line on the sewing machine, departing 0.5 cm from the edge. Glue our bottom to the box.
We measure the inner diameter of the box.
We cut out a rectangle of 53 * 9.5 cm from the drawing paper, departing 1 cm from the edge of the bigei and make cloves.
We cut out a rectangle of 53 * 11 cm from cotton, turn in 1 cm along the edge and glue it on the fabric with glue, then with this side we glue it to the edge with teeth.
Wrap the second side and glue the top edge.
We cut a rectangle of size 57 * 6 cm from oilcloth, lay folds along one edge.
It turned out such a blank, on the edge of a lace band sewn on an elastic band.
Sew our transparent pockets, departing from the edge of 1 cm, then make four sections of the pockets.
We glue the inside, insert it into our base and glue it.
With the help of clips we fix the edge.
We cut a bottom with a diameter of 16.3 cm, details made of drawing paper, padding polyester and cotton (for fabric, add 1 cm for the hem).
Glue the fabric along the edge of the bottom.

Then put glue on the bottom and glue in place.
We collect the cover of the box as well as the base, its diameter is 17.7 cm.
Cut a rectangle of 58.7 * 6 cm from the burlap, sew the edges, departing 1 cm from the edge.
Glue the edges of the cover.
Cut out thick paper from a circle with a diameter of 18 cm. Glue the burlap on the glue stick on the fabric.
Glue our top cover.
To hide the connection, I glued the jute splits.
For the handle, we cut out two rectangles from the leatherette of 19 * 2 cm in size, glue them together. On both sides of the handle fasten the frame to the grommet. The length of the handle is 16 cm.
Cut out two rectangles of 18 * 2 cm in size, glue them in half lengthwise.
Cut a rectangle of 57 * 3.5 cm,  scoring, departing from the edge of 1 cm. Cut out cloves.
It turned out such a blank handle, it remains to attach it to the cover.
Above the handle is attached to the brads, side of the cover on the grommet.
Glue the side of the cardboard and fix it on the clips.
Cut the bottom out of the draw paper with a diameter of 17.3 cm, from the fabric a detail with a hem allowance +1 cm.
Glue the fabric to the bottom, turn up the edges.
Glue the bottom to the lid.
We admire the result

You can decorate the box in the style of Provence.

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