Julianna Bag. Sew Tutorial

Julianna Bag
The round shape and design of this bag make it a sophisticated piece that anyone can sew. The handle can be made any length you choose. As a shoulder bag, it is the perfect size to tuck under your arm. The darts in the front and back allow for plenty of space to carry a lot of items.

Bag with zipper. Sew Tutorial

Bag with zipper
Zip it!
Make a groovy shoulder bag in your favourite retro-style fabrics. This roomy bag has a full zip closure and a useful zipped interior pocket.

Summer womens Hat Tutorial

Summer women's hat
Summer Shades.
Sew up some of these delightful little girls cotton sun hats in three different sizes for the summer months. They are fully lined in cotton to keep little heads cool and protected from the sun, at the same time as looking really cute.

Sunday Best Shopper Bag Tutorial

 Sunday Best Shopper
Oh the trials of being a celeb! Cameras trained on your front door as you emerge bleary-eyed on a Sunday morning to nip out for papers and milk. Those skimpy plastic bags from the corner shop are not only liable to send your cargo spinning pavement-bound, but look sooooo bad when the paparazzi pics hit the news-stands. The solution is to throw on big shades, catch your hair up in an "I'll-deal-with-you-later" chignon, pick up this gorgeous Grace Kelly-inspired bag, and the columnists will fall over themselves trying to work out where you got it. Get your own back - don't tell 'em!

Mary Poppins Overnighter. Bag Tutorial

Mary Poppins Overnighter
I've never understood the appeal of the ubiqutous  brown and tan monogrammed luggage favoured by celebs. To me it  looks plasticky, cold, and even (hands over ears all compulsive uber-spenders)  more than a tad cheap. This luscious, squashy alternative uses a deep-pile furnishing fabric for "sink-in-and-never-want-to-climb-out-again" country-house sofa appeal. Using an unusual upholstery fabric also means you need never again risk drowning in confusion as a sea of identical luggage swirls about you in airport baggage reclaim.

Naive Portrait Bag Tutorial

Naive Portrait Bag
Anyone lucky enough to have a child in their life is inevitably the recipient of many a lovingly produced work of art. When the fridge has almost collapsed beneath the weight of their offerings, it's time to immortalize one of their creations on this adorable little bag, perfectly sized to hold a sketch book and pencils.

Polo Neck Sweater Bag Tutorial

Polo Neck Sweater Bag
On the Paris Metro I spotted a terrifyingly chic lady sporting a knife-sharp suit accessorized with a slouchy sort of handbag, which clearly had a designer price tag as wary as her immaculately maquillaged glare. The soft contours of the tweedy bag were topped with a generously deep cuff of ribbed cashmere knit. My frugal creative screak went into overdrive as I mentally started cutting up thrift-shop jumpers and coats to, make an equally delicious version at a fraction of the price.

DIY wallet for children tutorial

кошелек своими руками.  Bright purse. Sewing instructions
Everyone knows that kids love a variety of accessories: backpacks, bags, wallets. Emphasizing the individuality of the child and creating not only a bright, but also a functional wallet is quite simple.

To do this, you need a piece of cotton fabric with polka dots 26x28 cm in size, a piece of cotton fabric with the image of owls measuring 26x26 cm, non-woven fabric, synthetic winterizer, Velcro and scissors.