Naive Portrait Bag Tutorial

Naive Portrait Bag
Anyone lucky enough to have a child in their life is inevitably the recipient of many a lovingly produced work of art. When the fridge has almost collapsed beneath the weight of their offerings, it's time to immortalize one of their creations on this adorable little bag, perfectly sized to hold a sketch book and pencils.

Naive Portrait Bag


If you don't have an existing drawing, sketch a simple self-portrait in thick, black marker pen on paper. Or if an existing drawing is  too complex, photocopy it and pick out the main outlines on the copy in thick black marker pen. Tape the drawing to a flat surface.


Tape a piece of calico over the drawing. Using, the removable fabric marker pen. mark out the seam allowance and cutting lines. Sketch the outline of the drawing onto the calico and colour it with fabric crayons (A). Colour scraps of fabric and net with crayons for applique use. Fix the colours, using the manufacturer's directions.
Naive Portrait Bag


Place the calico in the embroidery hoop. Work running stitch and stem stitch around the outlines of the design. Weave thread between the rows of stitches to create hair. Stitch on applique and buttons, as desired (B)
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