DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

Here is my tutorial for these uber cute Plant Pot Covers (fits an Ikea small plant pot). Quilted Plant Pot Cover Tutorial.

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

Measurements listed are width x height
Assume 1/4″ seams
Finished Size: 4.5″ (w) x 5″ (h) x 4″ (d)

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

You will need:

Exterior: 2 x (9″ x 8.5″)
Lining: 2 x (9″ x 8.5″)
Sew-in Flex Foam (Bosal): 2 x (9″x 8.5″)
505 Basting Spray
20″ length of lace or trim

Make the Exterior:

1 Spray baste the exterior pieces to the flex foam pieces & quilt as desired.

2 Measure and cut out 2″ squares from the bottom corners of both exterior pieces.

3 Pin both exterior pieces right sides together. Sew both sides and bottom edges, using a reverse stitch to start and finish (leave the corners unsewn).

4 Put your hand inside the basket and push the base down flat. Then push the side seam down on top of the base seam – this brings the raw edges of the corners together. Pin.

5 Sew along the corners, using a reverse stitch to start and finish. Turn right side out.  Put to one side.

Make the Lining:

6 Repeat steps 1 – 5 for the lining, leaving a 2″ gap in a side seam for turning (do not turn right side out).

Assemble the Basket:

7 Place the exterior basket inside the lining, right sides will be together. Align & pin the side seams and top edges.

8 Sew around the top edge (removing the accessory tray from your machine will help here).  Start and finish with a reverse stitch.

9 Turn the basket right sides out through the gap in the lining.  Push the corners well out and hand or machine stitch the gap closed.

10 Push the lining into the basket and pin around the top edge, making sure the lining isn’t sitting proud above the exterior.

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

11 Sew around the top edge, starting and finishing with a reverse stitch.

12 Pin and sew the lace around the top edge, pointing upwards, and overlap the start and finish by 1/2″.

13 Fold the top of the basket out and pop in your potted plant!

Line ’em up and wait for the compliments!!

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

Happy sewing!

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

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