Foldable Bag DIY Tutorial

 A quick note before we start …. you might notice that the fabrics in the some of the photos are different – that’s because the photos for this tutorial were taken during the making of two different totes. It’s slightly lacking in photos in some parts of this tutorial – sorry about that, it’s really hard to remember to take photos as I sew.

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 3

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials
 How to Make the Spool Quilt Block, Patchwork and Quilting Tutorial

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 8

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials
 Ready for something a little different? We’re going to take a break from stripes and show a little spool block love to the other fabric in our stash. I’m feeling a vintage vibe so I chose a charming 30s repro from Quilt Gate as the inspiration for this spool’s color palette.

Bag Cover for iron and ironing

Сумка-чехол для утюга и глажки. Bag Cover for iron and ironing
An interesting bag for storing the iron, which is also a bed for ironing.
He took out the iron, laid it on the table, ironed it - and all the cases, a good design!

Travel Bag with Window. Tutorial

Travel Bag with Window. Sewing Tutorial

 Quart-Size Travel Bag with Window (this also makes a great pencil / pen bag). Finished size is 6 X 8

Wonderful embroidery with smooth from Yumiko Higuchi

Чудесная вышивка гладью. Satin stitch
Wonderful images of nature, plant world, embodied in embroidery.
Embroidery with a smooth surface is very expressive, the pictures turn out to be relief, colors - natural, twists of twigs and leaves - are unusually beautiful!

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

Candy Cutie patchwork softie. Free Pattern and sewing Tutorial. She’s a cute little patchwork softie you can make from your fabric scraps.  The tutorial includes the templates for the arm, legs, face, and ears.

Backpack of jeans denim

Как сшить рюкзак из джинс. backpack of jeans
No, this is not a backpack - it's a masterpiece! Of course, a masterpiece, it's necessary so to manage and sew a backpack of unnecessary jeans flap. bright fabric cuttings, buttons, stripes and other sewing accessories.
A great backpack!