How quickly sew a tunic?

Want to try the circle shirt? The easy version that only took a half hour to make?

Here is the tutorial:

Fleece Flower Petal Pillows DIY tutorial

Подушка из флиса. Fleece Flower Petal Pillows DIY tutorial
Fleece cushion in the form of a lush flower.

Slippers DIY tutorial

Slippers DIY tutorial
 How to make spa slippers out of a towel and flip-flops

Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.

Цветы из фетра и войлока своими руками. Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.
Soft and enchanting beauty. How to make flowers from felt with your own hands. A photo Tutorial

Crafts for the New Year and Christmas

Мобиль из снежинок 
New Year's creative: create original crafts from everyday and everyday things. Everything that is near at hand - we will redesign for New Year's gifts.

Toys for Christmas and New Year

Снежинки - декор для окна 
Darkness is the darkening of the New Year's decor, a sea of ideas in a selection on the actual pre-holiday theme. Christmas trees, snowflakes, toys made of felt, topiary, interior decorations ... What's not!

Slippers from jeans. DIY tutorial

No-Socks Slipper-Mocs Pattern & Tutorial 
No-Socks Slipper-Mocs.  It's time to sew yourself warm slippers in the form of moccasins, from unnecessary old jeans pants.

Cosmetic bag with clasp. DIY tutorial

Косметичка с фермуаром. Cosmetic bag clasp
Beautician bag with a clasp of unusual, unconventional shape. A beautiful combination of fabric, decoration, lace, pattern - beautiful!