How to sew a bag made of leather?

сумка-мешок из кожи
Yes, but very impressive!
The natural skin always looks elegant and noble, stylish and truly.
Photo Tutorial on sewing bags-bags of leather shreds.

How to sew a bra

 Sewing underwear can be compared to jewelry work. The fabric is delicate, small in size compared to skirts, trousers, outerwear.

Original cushion with patterns

Оригинальные подушки с выкройками
A selection of ideas for sewing pillows and interior items, embroidery, applique, patchwork. Furniture from bright shreds, needle beds and potholders - for every taste.

Credit Card Holder DIY tutorial

Zipper Card Pouch

Портмоне для визиток и кредитных карточек. Credit Card Holder DIY tutorial

Flower of denim fabrics for bags.

How to make a flower from denim and decorate a brand new sewn or bought bag?
цветок из джинсовой ткани. Flower of denim fabrics for bags.

From maxi skirt to dress. DIY tutorial

короткое легкое платье. From maxi skirt to dress

Summer is a time when heat, cares and troubles do not allow you to devote much time to needlework. Well, if you suddenly need an outfit? Quick sewing in a hurry will save the situation.

Templates for applications

Шаблоны для аппликации. Templates for applications

Finishing children's things. Pictures for drawings on children's clothes, for applique or decoration. There are several examples for "sewing on paper".

Beautiful Denim Bag DIY tutorial

джинсовая сумка - Beautiful denim bag
How to sew a bag of denim? Tutorial with photos and pattern.