Tin Can Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Tin Can Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Onto the tutorial.  Firstly, you will need a tin - any sized tin will do.  In saying that, it will make your life easier if your tin fits over the end of your sewing machine (you will see why later in the tutorial).  Wash and dry your tin thoroughly.  If you choose a tin in which a smell lingers, wash it in a 20% bleach solution.  It will get rid of any nasty odours left behind!!

Now you need to measure the diametre of the tin.  You can see from the picture that mine is a little under 4 inches.  You need to give yourself about 1/8th inch 'give', so I took the 4 inch measurement.

Now you need to make a circle.  The radius of my circle is half the diametre of the tin - ie. 2 inches plus 1/4 inch seam allowance therefore measure 2 1/4 inches on your compass and draw a circle:

Cut 2 circles - one from the outer fabric and one from the lining fabric:

OK.  Here's the maths.  Next you will need to work out what size your sides will be.  On your calculator, type in this:

4 (tin diametre with no seam allowances) x 3.142 (pi) =

The answer in this case is 12.56 which I rounded to 12.5 inches.  Next add seam allowances which will be 1/2 inch (1/4 inch either end of the rectangle).  So the width of the side will be cut to 13 inches.

OK.  That's the hardest part!!  Now you need to work out what height you will make your bag.  This is really up to you but there needs to be a minimum - which is the tin height, plus half the diametre, plus two seam allowances.  My measurements were:

4 1/4 (height of tin) + 2 (half diametre) + 1/2 (two seam allowances) + 1 (I wanted the bag a little higher) = 7 3/4.  Then I just rounded it off to 8 for simplicity's sake.

Therefore I cut my sides 13 x 8.  Cut one of the outer fabric and one of lining fabric

If you want, you can embellish the sides with ribbon, lace, decorative trim or whatever you like.

Fold down and press 1/4 inch along the 13 inch (circumference measurement) length of both the outer and lining fabrics:

On the wrong side of the outer fabric, make a mark 1/2 inch down from the fold:

Fold the rectangle in half so that the 8 inch sides line up (the height measurement) and start sewing from the top and stop at the fold.  Restart sewing at the 1/2 inch mark you just made down to the bottom of the seam:

Repeat with the lining but simply sew the complete seam from top to bottom:

Press seam open and on the right side, sew a rectangle around the opening of the seam to strengthen it:

Clip into the seam allowance, about every 1/2 inch or so, along the bottom raw edge:

Pin the circle to the cylinder.  With the circle on the bottom, sew the cylinder to the circle.  

Repeat for the lining:

Tin Can Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Place tin inside the outer bag:

Tin Can Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Place the lining inside the tin, making sure to line up the seams:

Pin the layers together:

Tin Can Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Now, this is where you need to make sure the bag can fit under the presser foot sufficiently.  If not, you will need to hand sew the layers together then sew another line of stitching to form a casing.

Tin Can Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Sew two lines of stitching as shown below to form a casing (whether the stitching is by machine or hand will depend on whether the bag fits under your machine's presser foot):

Tin Can Drawstring Bag Tutorial

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