Fabric Basket Pattern & Tutorial

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

These baskets can be made in any size - all measurements here make a finished basket that holds a 100g ball of wool very nicely :)

I used cotton canvas for the outer but any medium to heavy weight fabric such as hessian, denim, corduroy would do.

You will also need heavy weight iron on interfacing and, if doing applique, some Bondaweb or similar.

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

1. Cut two pieces of main fabric, two pieces of interfacing and two pieces of lining fabric 23cm x 25cm. If making a basket with a handle cut another piece of main fabric 32cm x 11cm (ignore that I have cut two handles in the photo below - I made a mistake ok?!!)

2. Iron interfacing onto reverse of main fabric pieces.
Tip: if you want a firmer basket you can apply two or more layers of interfacing.

3. Apply Bondaweb to applique fabric and trace design onto backing paper.

4. Iron applique pieces onto basket front piece.
Tip: don't stick your applique on too low down on the basket front as you will lose it when you make the gusset!!

5. Machine or handstitch around applique adding any detail as required.

6. Place main fabric pieces right sides together and stitch down both sides and along bottom edge.

7. Repeat step 6 for the lining fabric pieces but leave a gap, of approx 6cm, open in the bottom seam for turning.

8. Now to make the gusset of your basket. Open the basket out either side of the seams and flatten the corners using your fingers to help make sure the bottom and side seams line up.

9. Stitch across each bottom corner - I stitched this seam approx 3cm up from the corner tip - and then trim away excess fabric.

10. Turn the basket through so that right sides are facing outwards. Push firmly into the corners with your fingers to open the gusset out fully.

If you want to add a handle to your basket follow these steps.

11. a)Press one long side of the handle fabric into the centre (approx 2.5cm).

b) now repeat with the other long side - leaving a small gap of approx 3mm down the centre.

c) fold the fabric in half again lengthways and then press well with a hot iron.

d) topstitch down either side of the handle.
TIP: don't stitch it as wonkily as I did!!

e) pin the handle onto the centre of the front of the basket as shown. Take the handle round underneath the basket and up the other side, pinning to the top edge of the reverse side in the same way.
As the handle is quite short you will most likely need to fold the base of the basket so that it fits inside the handle.

12. The next steps are the same for the basket with or without a handle.

You should have the main basket fabric right side outwards now. The lining is still inside out at this stage.

Slide the lining fabric over the main fabric piece so that right sides are together. Line up side seams and pin the lining to the main piece all the way round.

13. You will need your sewing machine 'free arm' (i.e. without the tool box attached) for this bit.

Slide the basket onto the free arm and stitch all the way round the top of the basket.

14. Turn the basket through the hole in the bottom of the lining.

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

15.It should look like this once it is turned through.

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

16. Turn the seam allowance in on the opening at the bottom of the lining - finger press the seam.

17. Stitch this seam as close to the edge as possible.

18. Push the lining down into the basket, making sure you push it right into the corners.

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

19. Press and then topstitch all around the top edge of the basket.

20. If you want a squarer looking basket, iron creases down either edge of the gusset along either side and the bottom.

21. The finished article - phew!!!

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

Now that you've realised how much fun they are to make you may want to make one or two more.....

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

(These are going to be filled with treasures in Moogshouse :) )

....or more.....

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

I hope you have made it to the end ok!!

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

Fabric Basket Free Pattern and Tutorial

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