Make a DIY Envelope Bag Clutch

Make a DIY Envelope Clutch. Tutorial

Bulky leather envelope clutch. Leather bag DIY Tutorial.

Lately I saw a lot of similar bulky envelope clutches on the blogs and magazines. They're mostly handmade of organic leather and have a very minimalistic design. I know a lot of you are afraid to work with leather because you think it requires a lot of special tools. The only special tool you'll need for this clutch are punch pliers and you can get those in every craft shop. To get organic leather might be more complicated. If you don't have a leather store in your area you can get some organic leather on Ebay or Etsy. I went to local leather shop and asked them to cut a smaller piece from the edge. The leather edges are usually cheaper because they have damages and discoloration. But  for my design I was looking exactly for something like that.

The typical organic leather is very thick and robust. Even with leather needle it is very hard to get through the thick layers. But there is a super easy way to sew all kinds of thick materials, not just leather. You simple prepunch holes for the stitching with the punch pliers and then sew the parts together with the jeans thread. You won't even need a leather needle, the regular one will do.

On the wrong side of the leather draw a big square, so that the leather edge is your clutch cover.

Then draw a rectangle with the same width. Cut out both patterns.

Now put the pieces together and punch little holes through both pieces along the edges. You can glue the parts together with a thin line of glue to prevent the slipping of the leather. 

This is how it suppose to look.

With the double thread start to stitch with simple stitch (as shown on the picture) from one corner to another.

Once you've reached the other end secure the corner with double stitch.

Now with a new thread stitch back to the other end.

Once you've reached the corner secure it with double stitch and then knot the threads together and cut off the leftovers.

Cut a small strap for the D-ring and punch holes for the stitches.

Fold the strap around the D-ring and secure it with stitches as shown on the picture.

Attach the strap to left/right side of the clutch with stitches. 

Cut a long hand strap, fold it around the carabiner loop and connect all 3 layers with stitching.

Attach your closure to the clutch. I am using a big button stud but you can use what ever you prefer.

Make a DIY Envelope Clutch. Tutorial

Additionally I added a small leather circle to the clutch cover. It gives the closure better support and the clutch looks even more handcrafted.

Make a DIY Envelope Clutch. Tutorial

Make a DIY Envelope Clutch. Tutorial

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  1. I have enough left over leather I'm going to do this tomorrow..
    Thank you.its so cool.I love it

  2. Wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing.