Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial
You can easily make this lined drawstring bag to any size. It is perfect for a laundry bag, library bag, toy bag. Just increase the size of your fabric panels. The finished size for this bag is: 14 ½” x 13” (37 x 33cm)
Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

You will need:
Outer Fabric -  14” x 12”  (35 x 30cm) - Cut 2 pieces
Lining Fabric – 14” x 17 ½” (35 x 44cm) - Cut 2 pieces
Cord or fabric to make ties

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Step 1.  Take both lining pieces and place right sides together.

Step 2.  Pin and sew a ¼” (0.5cm) seam along the 14” (35cm) side of
panels. Press seam open.

Step 3.  With right sides together, place one outer fabric panel on top of the lining panel matching raw edges – pin and sew a ¼” (0.5cm) seam along the 14” (35cm) side of panel. Press   seam open.

Step 4.  Repeat with remaining outer panel and join to the opposite end of lining panel. Press seam open. You should now have one long length of panels.

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Step 5.  With right sides facing, join the two ends of the outer panels and sew with a ¼ (0.5cm) seam. Press seam open.

Step 6.  You should now have a circle of panels all  joined together.

Step 7.  Line up panels (outer to outer), (lining to lining)  with right sides together. Using an erasable chalk or pen, measure  ½” (1.25cm) from where the outer panel joins the lining panel.  Leave a 1” (2.5cm) gap and then mark again. Repeat on opposite side.

Step 8.  Pin around all edges. Using a ¼ (0.5cm) seam, stitch all around the outside of the panels making sure you leave a 3” (7.5cm) gap when stitching the lining panels. You will use this gap to turn the  bag through.

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Step 9.     Carefully pull the bag through the gap that you have left in the lining. Press all seams.

Step 10.  Now you need to push the lining panels into the outer bag. There will be a turn over of lining fabric above the outer panel.  This is where the casings for the ties will go.

Step 11.  To make the casing for your ties to go through you need to stitch ¼” (0.5cm) above the seam between the outer panel and lining panel.

Step 12.   Now measure 1” (2.5cm) above the ¼” (0.5cm) stitching line and sew all the way around the bag.  You have now formed your casing.

Step 13.   Top stitch ¼“ (0.5cm) down from the top of the bag. This is purely decorative  but gives a nice finish to the bag.

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Step 14.   You can use ribbon or cord to make the ties for your bag.  I will show you how to make your
own ties from your fabric.

Step 15.   Cut two 1 ½” x  32” (4 x 81cm) strips of fabric. Fold in half lengthways and iron a crease in the centre. Open out.

Step 16.   Being very careful not to burn yourself, iron one raw edge into the centre crease all the way
along the length of the fabric strip. Repeat with remaining side.

Step 17.   Fold in half making sure all raw edges are enclosed.  Sew the edges together. Repeat
with remaining strip.

Step 18.   Using a safety pin secure it through the end of one length of a tie.

Step 19.  Insert into a side gap and push all the way through and come out the same gap as you went into.  Repeat with remaining tie but on  the opposite side.

Step 20.  Tie small knots into the ends of the ties and then tie together (this  stops the ties being pulled out of the casing).

Step 21.  Hand stitch the gap in the lining closed. Iron your bag. You have  now completed your lined
drawstring bag!

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

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