Soft Fabric Strawberries Tutorial

 Make these gorgeous fabric strawberries using this free pattern and step by step tutorial.

Look at these cute fabric strawberries.  I just thought they looked super cute and I wanted to share how to make these with you. They look so lovely just sitting in a bowl, add a ribbon and hang them, or, as I’ve done, make a strawberry bouquet.


Fabric in  shades of reds and pinks (I used fabric from “The Simple Life” range by Tasha Noel)
Various colours of green felt
needle & thread- in red and green
green buttons
green florist wire
cardboard- optional


Print your free strawberry template

1. Cut out and trace leaf nad strawberry templates onto cardboard (optional). This will make it easier to trace out shapes onto fabric.

2. Using the cardboard templates, trace around strawberry shape onto red/pink fabric. Repeat for as many strawberries as you would like to make.

3. Fold strawberry in half, right sides together, matching star with star and circle with circle.  Pin.

4. Starting at bottom point, straight stitch across the bottom, then move fabric and straight stitch up the sides of  strawberry.
You should now have a cone shape with a flat bottom. Clip the corners on the bottom.

5. Turn right side out

6. Using your thread and needle, stitch large straight stitches around the top of the strawberry. Leave thread unsecured- ie, Do not tie a knot. Leave a long piece of thread. This will be used to gather the top in.

7.  Stuff your strawberry, you can use as much or as little  stuffing as you like.

8. Pull the thread that you left at the top of the strawberry to gather the top of the strawberry. Tie off and secure with a knot.

9.  Take your felt leaf. Place on top of strawberry, covering the gathering.  Hold in place or pin. Using green thread straight stich or blanket stitch around the leaves of the strawberry.

At this point your strawberry is finished. Repeat to make more strawberries. On some of mine I place 2 leaf shapes, on others I just had the one. I varied between blanket and straight stitch.

10. These steps are if you would like to attach your strawberries to wire.
– Take your button and your florist wire. With the right side of the button facing down, insert the wire up through the button hole. Bend wire over and insert wire down and through the second button hole. Make sure there is about 5cm through the hole. Twist wire together. Get your strawberry. Place button on top of leaf in the middle of teh strawberry. The wire should be pointing straight up. Sew through the button holes attaching the button to the strawberry.

- Repeat until you have a bunch of strawberries. Put them all together. You may like to make some extra large felt leaves to add to your  bouquet.You may like to wrap some green ribbon around the wire.
…. Voila….Finished!!

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