Pretty Little Coin Purse. Free Pattern & Tutorial

 This adorable little purse is perfectly suited to hold all of that spare change that you probably have lying in the bottom of your bag.

Isn’t it sweet? It’s small enough to fit your coins in and slip inside your handbag.

Sewing this together will require some sewing knowledge, but don’t let this put you off- we’ve said that only because piecing it together requires a little knowledge of terminology, but beginner sewers should give it a try.

Seam allowance is 3/8″- tiny we know.

Finished size measures 8cm (3″) high by 8.5 (3 1/4″) across at base.


1 fat quarter for exterior of purse

1 fat quarter for interior/lining

1 x 10cm curved purse frame (sew in or glue in- your preference)

20cm light, iron on interfacing

needle, thread, pins and scissors



Finished! From start to finish it should take about 2- 2 1/2 hours.

How to attach a sew in purse frame

A simple little sewing tutorial 


* your purse
* sew-in purse frame
* needle and thread
* scissors
* fabric marker

Easy! If you don’t want to sew a running stitch across to the other side of your purse along the side, the other option is to end your stitch on the inside of your bag at the end of your frame.

Then, start again in the centre of your purse and sew down the other side of the purse and frame. Personally this is my preferred method. But, if you don’t like stopping and starting again, just use the method shown in the steps above.

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