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DIY Necklace for a Bride: Tenderness of Lilies

DIY Necklace for a Bride: Tenderness of Lilies. Tutorial

- genuine leather, three colours
- scissors
- PVA glue
- Moment Crystal glue
- paint for toning
- wire
- chalker base

So, begin!
I wish you have a nice time watching.
Select the colours. White for petals of lilies, light salad for stamens and pistils, darker for leaves. Still need orange leather or suede for anthers.

Draw the blanks and cut. Cut out 6 petals of 7.5 cm for the lily's heart. 6 pcs for undisclosed buds, too.
12 petals for smaller lilies.
Large green leaves — 9 pcs, small — 12-14 pcs.

Cut a strip of leather for the stamens.

All details are coated with diluted PVA glue.
I used all-purpose construction glue. Dilute to the consistency of liquid sour cream (very liquid).
The leaves and petals are laid out lengthwise, then winded on finger. And left to dry almost to the end.
Form the shape before the leaves get dry. The shape must remain semi-circular.
Leave to dry until the end.
Cut off the strip into stamens, 6 pcs, width approximately 1.5 mm. Dust caps are cut into squares and glued to the tips of the stamens. Then, form the anthers with scissors. I chose this method for myself. I like it very much, and the lilies look like alive.
Take the wire, length of 8-10 cm, but it may be less, and make the pistils. Cut leather strips with the width of about 1 cm, glue and wind around the wire. The tip can be bent and you can just cut obliquely.
Glue stamens to the pistil.
The petals are toned a little green. Slightly coat the edges of the petals and the base a little.
This paint is kept well and do not dirty.

Add speckles on the petals.
Assemble the flower. Glue the first three petals and then another three between the first ones.
That is all, the flower is ready!

Glue green leaves.
Make buds. Treat the edges and the center with the tool. Then tone and join the pistil and stamens.

Take the choker and the paper blank to which the lily will be glued. The paper blank is cut out of chocker along a semicircle.
If there is a more dense leather, you will need only one detail. I didn't have it, so I cut out two identical parts and glued them together.

Now undo the base and cut out a white leather stripe 1.5 times longer than the base. Glue the strip and wrap it around the base.

Glue the base along the edge of the workpiece. The base is ready.
Now put all the details on the base and see how it looks.
Begin to stick the buds, symmetrically. Then flowers that are smaller, then bigger. The largest flower should be right in the center.
If there are free spaces, fill them with small flowers or beads. In my case, two branches with nacre.

Well, that's all! Done!
I think a bride will be irresistible in this necklace. This looks very unusual and beautiful!

DIY Necklace for a Bride: Tenderness of Lilies. Tutorial

DIY Necklace for a Bride: Tenderness of Lilies. Tutorial

DIY Necklace for a Bride: Tenderness of Lilies. Tutorial

DIY Necklace for a Bride: Tenderness of Lilies. Tutorial

author of article: Marina Tepliakova
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  1. Stunning, beautiful flowers, thankyou for sharing your wonderful tutorial.x

  2. un trés beau rendu c' est magnifique merci pour ce beau pas a pas bisous