We sew linen and cotton sachets.

We sew linen and cotton sachets.
We sew sachets from environmentally friendly materials - flax and cotton.
We stuff sachets with lavender or herbs.
We decorate sachets with decorative lines and color braid.

You will need:

• Natural fabrics in matching shades

• Cotton lace

• Thread

• pins

• scissors

• Aquamarker

• Dried lavender or aromatic herbs

• Pencil

We sew linen and cotton sachets.

1. First, we determine the dimensions of the finished sachet 10 x 10 cm. We cut out the front parts from colored fabric in accordance with the idea,

rear parts (they will be one-piece) of plain fabric. For marking we use an aquamarker. Do not forget about allowances for 6 mm seams.

2. We sew parts with a straight line with a stitch length of 2 mm. The beginning and end of all stitches are strengthened with the help of the spot fixing function.

Iron the seam first, then iron the allowances on one side.

3. We process all open sections of our product with overlock stitching to prevent shedding of fabric in the future.

4. We sew lace along the seam and sew to the part with a stitch for applications.

We sew linen and cotton sachets.

6. We chop off two parts with pins around the perimeter with the front side inward. Stitching

details, leaving on one side an un sewn section of about 4 cm long. All sections are processed with overlock stitching.

7. For the front side of the second sachet, we cut out two triangular parts with sides of 10 cm from contrasting fabrics.

We fold the parts with the front side inward and cleave. Sew on a long cut.

We sew linen and cotton sachets.

8. Iron the seam, iron the allowances properly. On the front side, exactly along the line of joining of the two parts, we lay a decorative stitch (zigzag).

9. At a distance of 1.5 cm from the middle seam, we lay two decorative stitches with threads of contrasting color. Iron the details with an iron.

We sew linen and cotton sachets.

10. Sew and process two parts for the second sachet, similar to how they did for the first sachet. We use fabrics of the same color scheme.

11. Turn the resulting workpieces onto the face, gently straightening all the seams and corners with a pencil or wooden stick.

12. We stuff sachets with lavender or herbs. If desired, add a few drops of aromatic oil to the herbs.

We sew linen and cotton sachets.

13. Gently stitch the open area with a hidden seam manually. Done!

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