Amazing brooch mask tutorial

Amazing brooch mask tutorial
From the skin you can create truly unique things. Pompon Studio designers sewed a brooch mask of amazing beauty that will add mystery to any image.

You will need:

- Baked polymer clay

- Silicone molds

- Genuine Leather

- PVA glue

- Cord

- scissors

- Threads

- beads

- Rhinestones

Amazing brooch mask tutorial

1. Using a silicone mold and baked polymer clay we form a face. Carefully remove it from the mold and send it to bake in the oven, according to the instructions on the clay packaging.

2. From genuine leather in different colors, cut out the details

in the shape of petals. We draw them on the wrong side of the skin with a pen or marker, then cut them along the contour.

Amazing brooch mask tutorial

3. Each petal is impregnated with PVA glue using a synthetic brush.

4. After the glue is absorbed, mnem and twist the petals. Leave to dry at room temperature for several hours.

Amazing brooch mask tutorial

5. From thicker skin we cut out two round details for the brooch base.

6. From a cord of a suitable shade weave a pigtail.

Amazing brooch mask tutorial

7. In one of the circles of the base, make two cuts and insert the base for the brooch. We glue the circles together and make out the edge with a pigtail from the cord.

8. Give the desired shape to the petals. Glue them to the base in random order.

Amazing brooch mask tutorial

9. When all the petals are fixed, glue the face.

10. We decorate the brooch with beads and rhinestones. Done!
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